Knobs for the aux encoders?

  • I'm having a little trouble narrowing down which knobs to go with. I'm thinking wedged knobs, since all the encoders and spaced closely and the wedge will help my fat fingers single out knobs more easily.

    so i came to this list (sort by wedged knobs):

    The dimensions of the knob is the thing i'm unsure about.

    i think i need to find a knob that has a semi-circle slot, unless the small hex wrench screw on the side would solve that problem.

    Help, anyone? thanks

  • you're looking for d shaft type knobs. it's a standard size, so any d shaft knob will work.

    finding a nice knob is the hard part though. especially ones without a "zero" marker for endless encoders.

  • has a nice selection of metal knobs in a variety of forms. Nicest I've found

  • interesting. all those seem to have the position pointer on them though.