New App/Toy: Boiingg (MaxMSP)

  • @pixelmechanic _
    I download the update and everything(including save function) works great!

    Thanks so much!

  • Ta. Been waiting for this ;-) Just wanted to add voice to the general appreciation of boiingg - which I think is a great little app/toy - one of my personal favourites in fact. Immediate, simple, accessible - yet with hidden complexity, depth and musicality. Just the way I like 'em. Look forward to further developments!

  • Hi All (& especially jmelnyk)

    Check the top of the first page for latest update...

    Native 128 support in both configurations & hot-swappable bounce modes...



  • Fantastic!

    I love this app. I could play with drum samples all night long.

    Thank you for great update, my 128 is happy and thanks you. :D

  • hearts!

    thanks for all your hard work, pixelmechanic. well done!

  • lots of fun!

    I notice that the application quantizes the output, any chance we can get a boiing with a choice of no quantization ?

  • @socialism

    Do you mean quantizing of duration, or of event timing? If you mean turn off duration quantizing, then all your midi voices will get eaten up pretty quickly as there won't be any note-off data sent out. I could simply add some longer durations though (e.g. 2bar 4bar etc)

    Cheers, Jules

  • i think he means note triggering.... like that a note will always fall on a 16th note or an 8th note and so on.

  • thanks for the reply pixelmechanic,
    MAPMAP has hit the nail on the head - that's exactly what I'm referring to.

    In ORIGINAL mode it's not so bad, but the beats/melodies do sound robotic... I will aim to have a beat/note play just a split second after another one....but the quantization puts it on the same step, so the beats/notes are layered....

    In TRIGGER-INVERT mode it's not so good for live stuff (imo), because it will play the beat/note as soon as you hit the button ....but the second time it plays it, it has quantized it to the nearest 8th/16th ....and it sounds wrong....

    For me, having a choice for quantization ON or OFF would be a huuuge improvement on this already awesome patch.

    I hope I've explained it properly,

  • I think quantization off can be arranged... it needs a review of the clocking mechanism though so give me a little time.

    Cheers, Jules

  • this is fantastic!! thanks so much for making this patch!

  • Hey Jules -

    I've been using Boiingg like crazy and totally loving it. Like, seriously. I can't thank you enough. The app is just awesome.

    I've been using ver 0.1.3 with no problems, but decided to go ahead and try v 0.1.4 last night, and I can't seem to get it to work.

    I get the error - 'js: error calling function fnButton' when I hit the Monome pads, and can't figure it out. I even tried totally re-installing Runtime and everything, and am at a loss.

    Any suggestions? I'm not very familiar with the programming of Max/MSP, so it's pretty much a mystery to me.


    Edit: Nevermind - got it!! I just had to chose 'which monome?'. Thanks again for the wonderful app.

  • Thank you so much, pixelmechanic!!!! I can't believe how much fun this app is.

  • Boiingg works fine in Max5... It also looks soooo much better for just a bunch of number boxes... I heart round corners! Jules

  • Almost a month after the Max5 release it's just become apparent to me that the preset boxes don't work properly in Boiing in Max5...

    Specifically if you try to 'write' the presets, close the patch and open it again without restarting Max5 the preset boxes will not appear. Quitting Max, restarting it and opening the patch will resume normal service (as long as you didn't save the broken patch) but the comitted presets will not be present.

    I'll fix this soon (assuming it's not a deeper issue with 5), but Boiingg is pretty low on my priorities just now... still works fine in 4.6!



  • The kind folks at cycling74 have listed Boiingg in their 'Interesting Work' links on their homepage, so I had to look at the preset bug!

    Max5 treats bpatchers slightly differently from 4.6 so I've had to embed the patchers in the parent until I hear back from c74 about differences...

    Max5 also exhibited some differences in the way that the virtual monomes worked, with end result of retriggering when buttons were released. I've put a simple check for this in place while I get to the root of why this is happening.

    So... here's a max 5 version of Boiingg, no new functionality just with changes above and .maxpat extensions

  • After some tweaking Boiingg seems back to its old self... you might like to hit up the link above if you are running Max5... J

  • thanks jules!

  • congrats on the Cycling '74 Interesting Works plug. Still a fun app after all these months.

  • Newb question here: How do I set it so that each column has it's own different sample playing? ie. kick, snare, high-hat

    I'm using Logic if that helps... Thanks in advance.

  • " * pixelmechanic
    * CommentTimeMar 9th 2008 edited

    I think quantization off can be arranged... it needs a review of the clocking mechanism though so give me a little time.

    Cheers, Jules "

    Any update on this development ?
    I'm amazed more people haven't made the same request!

  • + 1 for quantization off option (i like boiingg a lot btw)

    @ influence. This question is sort of answered in the other topic you started. Boiingg outputs midinotes. ie 60, 62 etc. Don't know about logic so ill keep it common. You have to route each note to trigger a different sample. Like note 60 triggers kick, 62 triggers snare etc. So you'll have to look into logic how to do this, triggering samples with midinotes instead of playing a melody on a synth.

  • @socialism & janimation & all

    I guess I should get busy... personally I haven't been using Boiingg much, so the code has been gathering dust... Cheers, Jules

  • @influence, use the exs24 or ultrabeat and take your midi "From Max/MSP 1"

  • I bet you'll use it more with the quantization turned off :)

    seriously though, I was just curious...

  • @janimation & soundcyst

    That helped, thanks!

    edit: and here's a video of me getting it started!

  • So..
    Can one of you coders proficient in max-patching take a looksie at the boiingg patch and see what needs to be done to turn off the quantization ?

    How much tinkering is needed ?

    Curious if it's something simple that no one's gotten around to yet, or if it's a major pain in the ass

  • No quantization is certainly doable, both thru independent javascript timers per column or in the signal domain, through the use of rate~ object (which would be better). It's not a small job, but it's not hard either.

    At this point you should consider any further development of Boiingg by me to be a null object. I'm very happy for someone else to take ownership.

    Cheers J

  • Thanks for the heads up Pixel

    And good luck with all your future developments =)

  • argh i cant get boiingg to bounce ... using nonome and a launchpad if i select triger invert it plays the note but doesnt bounce if i select original it just lights on button press but does nothing :S somewhat confused.

  • @s saoirse: double click on dac button, then turn Audio on in window displayed...
    I've experimented this problem with parc and boiing and it takes long time to find out the solution... I hope this helps...

  • worked strait away tonight . thankyou so much for your help @jdmonteagudo .

    now all i need to do is finish building my arduinome and ill be even happier :D