Max 6 - Do I Need to Reinstall Any Monome Related Files?

  • I cannot think of any off the top of my head, but i'm talking about files that go within the Max6 folder directory.

    Such as the mlrv "xsample" stuff, I will need to copy over into the max6 internal folders.

    There might be nothing, but i'm just trying to figure out how to fully prepare my monome for max6.


  • yes.

    mlrv xsample stuff.

    also the zeroconfig stuff for serialosc.

    any externals required by other applications.

  • Well for now you will need to... but some of the stuff I've been reading about max6 leads me to believe that distributions will be able to go out with externals included, which may take away the need to install them seperately.

    But for now, what stevie said

  • It is probably better to create a folder in your own space for Max externals that you supply, and then add that folder to your search path. This is a new feature in Max 6 that lets you tell Max where to look for files. You can set it by selecting "Options" and then "File Preferences..." in Max.

    Note, however, that the search path does not apply to files in the "init" folder, presumably because those files are not actually searched for, but rather the folder is read wholesale.

  • ark: the adding files to a search path was available in max5... in fact there is a work around that allows you to add folders to the search path through sending messages to the thispatcher object... and I have some patch's that have a launcher patch that adds all required folders to a search path, opens another patch, and then closes itself

    What I have been led to believe is that there will be an easier way to distribute patch's with externals in organized folder structures