mlrV + encoder knob questions

  • I'm wondering a couple of things:

    First, is there a way to store different bpms for different presets? From my understanding, the bpm just affects the internal time clock (and when you can retrigger a sample with regard to the quantization) and not the sample speed. Right now, there is just a universal BPM which gets reset to 100 every time i load mlrv.

    I patched 4 knobs to the group faders and they work flawlessly. Putting a load bang connected to num: 127, made them get set at unity upon starting the patch, which made it a little nicer. However there are times when i'm turning the knob and the fader jumps up gets blasted to +18 over unity. I'm not looking at the actual number objects, so i'm not really sure what is going on, but it happens randomly and seems to suck. My hope is that it happens because my encoder board is just sitting out on the desk and the solder points are exposed to rubbing against the desk and once I put it in the monome enclosure, these gain/number blasts will stop. Does that even make sense?

    Now i'm looking to do something with the other 4.

    I was thinking I want to be able to control the sample speed of individual groups, but the speed is connected to the individual sample and the group send comes after that. So basically i need to figure out a way to tell the knobs to adjust the speed of whichever sample is currently being played. But before i figure this out, I need to figure out how to connect the knobs to the speed. So i decided, just for fun, to try to connect them to the first four channel strips. This is how i went about it (incorrectly, because it doesn't work):

    In the mixer patch, i put in a bpatcher to the grid patch. In the grid patch I put four inlets, and connected the last 4 knobs in the mixer patch to the 4 inlets on the grid bpatcher. I then put one inlet in the channel patch and connected it to the input of the flonum object in the lower left "speed" section. I then individually connected the 4 inlets in the grid patch to the 4 inlets in the channel bpatcher.

    This caused some errors and did not work. I'm not sure if it's due to the tiers of inlets/bpatcher or if it's due to the connection into the wrong object.

    Then i thought i could use the other 4 knobs to add effects to the group outputs (like narrowband filter or distortion), but am unsure where the group audio outputs are.

    Any help or guidance with these is really appreciated.

  • I also think that if i were able to get mlrv into max-4-live, putting effects on group audio outputs would be better produced sounding. However i'm not sure if this is easier or even possible.

  • please oh please, there are a lot of issues within that i'm looking to solve.