monome community christmas album-volume 2 (Now Up on Bandcamp!)

  • hi all!

    pirxthepilot suggested a new thread for this years christmas album. let's communicate through here moving forward.

    very nice track ioflow! i'm excited to hear this thing come together again.

    there's still time to sign up for anyone else who might be interested in submitting a track.

    sign up sheet is here:

    as for submitting tracks, feel free to drop them in my dropbox: wav or aiff

    i'm not sure how to go about setting up the mcrp page if we want to host it there again though.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed. All the tracks are wonderful! Happy Holidays!

  • @ I/O

  • when is the deadline?

    edit: I'm an idiot, it's right there!

  • great!

    @paular bear i'm cool with using the mcrp bandcamp page, but let's wait for other mcrp old timers to voice out what they think ;)

  • @vestras-plenty of time to get in on this!

    @pirx-sounds good to me :)

  • bandcamp page for sure, just like the last christmas album. can always ask one of its admins for access...i think @egon77 is one of 'em. i have my own bandcamp; they're not too difficult to work with.

  • thanks for the reminder; i need to actually send in my .wav. unless @paular bear feels like downloading the FLAC version from my is lossless, after all.

  • I've got the monome bandcamp log-in info as well. Happy to send it along to whoever ends up moderating and posting the album. (@paular bear?)

  • @ioflow-happy to download the bandcamp version :)

    @antiphon-i'd be happy to do it, unless someone else wants to. my personal email is

    also, cover art is in the works. i don't think it will top lokey's jet ski santa, but hopefully everyone will like it!

  • o holy night! got mine worked out in my head at least. i hope i get time to do this...

  • @roarbearman-as weird as you want! glad you signed up!

    how's everybody coming along?

    album art should be out by this weekend!

  • Almost done - been test driving mine on the kids in my class (5-11 year olds!). They seem to like it haha.

    Needs a fatter bass sound though.

  • I'm still chopping loops for mine. Nothing ever seems to come together until the very end.

  • Not sure I can make this now, have another track to finish for something else. Hopefully.

  • @steveoath-awesome!

    @antiphon-got your email. no problem, my pleasure! can't wait to hear your track, i really dig your "oh oh oh" track from last year.

    @tini-you can do it, dude!

  • @paular bear: thanks for the ego boost! Good motivation to keep moving forward with this year's track.

  • all finished with my track!

    how's everyone's else's coming along?

  • squeet tiits when is the deadline again? im assuming tonight

  • no man, you got time! just a friendly reminder...

  • i'm spending this weekend to try to start/finish my track. still no idea what to do, haha. hope to make the deadline!

  • dude, was listening to carol of the bells from last year and the way you sampled john lennon at the end is sooooo sick...

    can't wait to hear what you come up with!

  • I'm lagging, as always. Changed direction a couple of times. My latest idea is to take my 4 year old nephew's "rap" about Santa Claus and turn it into a song. We'll see.

  • I'm in cambodia till saturday, so hopefully i can make a track when i'm back home.
    Thinking about making a cover version of "do they know it's christmas" ;)

  • i'm out unfortunately...

  • here's the album art, ya'll. good luck with the tracks! sorry to hear you're out tini!

  • i do have a plan for a track for this that involves a bunch of busted wind up music boxes sitting in a cigar box, but i have something else i need to get done in the same time frame. i might still get it done. maybe...

  • Hate my song now. Ditched it all last night and started from scratch again. Will be done in time.... promise!

  • Cool cover btw.

  • @steveoath-thanks! Good luck w the track.

  • I love the album art! Really cool design. I'd love to do a song as well but I'm afraid my time may be limited. Christmas time is the busiest time of year and I can be quite picky. Although the urge to do something very cheesy (kinda ultra Mannheim Steamroller) is strong.

  • @egon77-thanks a lot man! As to your track, go for it man!

  • love the art!!!

    i managed to make something, an original, but nothing about it suggests christmas hahah. i will have to add some chrismassy embellishments tonight when i get home!

  • had a good recording session over the last week, need some more sorting but ive got a nice white christmas funk mashup going, with a bit of poetry by the digital dingle. Sort of a 'friends piled into the car, out to the ski hills' kind of xmas tale. Can't wait to hear the full works!

    ps: +++artwork!

  • i have turned in mine. when is the deadline? or rather. when will i be able to listen to everybodys songs...

    oh and don't fuck up the artist names like on the last mcrp :D

  • deadlines the 21st...

  • @kristoffer-got your track and artist name. Will try not to fuck it up :)

    Only have three tracks so far. Can't wait for everyone else's!

  • Almost done. Mine has morphed completely. Its a bit straight up, but I plan on adding some sampled vox over it.

  • @paular bear
    haha yeah i just remember the last mcrp where the one who uploaded it did something wrong on bandcamp so every song ended up having "mcrp" as artist name :P

  • @KL: that would be me you're talking about! I wasn't aware of fucking that up necessarily, but I found the whole bandcamp UI really confusing and unintuitive. Sorry for the mix-up.

    @paular bear: great cover! Really, really nice. Now I'll feel even more like a chump if I don't get my track in order.

  • @antiphon
    haha yeah. no hating from me, just preventing.
    its a bit confusing that they change all the metadata yes, but can be a good thing also.

    jeez i can't wait to hear!

  • Sent my track PB.

  • @steveoath, don't see the track for some reason....maybe try my personal email?

  • Weird, I popped into the dropbox last night. I'm at work just now but I'll see if I can resend you it.

  • I have resent it - it was set to private track. Check your soundcloud and let me know if you can get at it.


  • @steveoath-now i can listen to but can't download....

  • Try now man, should be OK!

  • paula bear, if you'd like to upload these to the bandcamp site, i can give you the login credentials. I'd offer to do it myself, but a) dont have the files, and b) its my families tree trimming party tonight, and you don't need drunken lo trying to be productive ;p

    anyhow, credentials sent to your mail. All the best!

    [edit] looks like youre already accessed and uploading, good stuff!

  • Uploading is underway, dudes! Hopefully we can post tonight, just waiting on everyone's tracks. Feel free to send to my personal email too:

  • just submitted mine @ your soundcloud, paular bear! thanks for organizing this!

    can't wait to hear the entire album!

  • Got your track pirx! Great title!