video: a band with monome: Humans Playing Instruments

  • I've enjoyed quite a few videos on the monome forum, and here you can find a few of my own with my new band, Humans Playing Instruments:

  • watched the second video. monome jazz. nice. props to the drummer and the monomer ofc.

  • i think that's my Mum and Dad up front!

    great beard and funky beats.

  • nice! looks so fun, and i totally don't recognize you in these vids (it's been awhile i guess?)

  • Hey Chris...awesome performance...What applications do you find easiest to implement with other 'live' musicians? Have you had challenges keeping the drummer on the 'grid', where so many monome apps shine? Trying to work this out with my own band..

  • Thanks for the kind words.

    It is fun! And more so each time we play. Regarding personal appearance, I suppose I'm skinnier and more bearded than I previously was.

    I use mlr. And I keep the grid on the drummer, not the other way around.

    There were quite a few oldies at that show! Seemed to enjoy themselves, though.