"lights" remix contest

  • so... i'm sure many of you know about indaba and their remix contests... well i stumbled across indaba and an on going contest two days before it was going to close, and i thought to myself, "crap, i should do that!"

    and so... i did what i could in what little time was available.

    i'd love if you took a listen, and (providing you like it) voted for my remix!
    listen and vote here: http://bit.ly/vOVuux

    i would also love to hear if anyone else in the monome community is in one of her 4 remix contesets! hit me up.

  • thanks so much! (got your message on indaba too)

    only 4 hours of voting left if anyone else wants to listen and vote!

  • voted.

    i have not heard her new work but i dig her first album/ep. it has grown a lot with me over the past three or four years.

  • same here... actually, doing this remix is what got me into her new album (before for this, she had pretty much fallen off of my radar). i really like it. it has been growing on me quite a bit! it is a bit different from her old stuff (which i also enjoy). its a little more gritty.

    ps - thanks for the vote!

  • voted twice. your track is far superior to anything in the current top 5.

    edit: I should probably elaborate so you don't think I'm cheating. I showed my friend the contest and he liked yours the best so he voted too.

  • dope remix. I did one too, but it was nowhere near top 5 haha.

    Did you use a monome for this? I think I used polygome for some of the intros on mine:


  • thanks guys for listening and voting for my remix! voting has ended and we squeezed into 5th place! nice. the judges announce the winner on Dec 19th!

    -tyler.... no, unfortunately i didn't use my monome on the remix...(i'm almost done getting it functioning again... i've been so busy, that i've been behind on updating to serialosc... and lion compatibility... but i tested my new config a few days ago... super excited!)