a kinda cinematic instrumental.

  • i know i know... its not a monome video. but i know we all love music and minimalism, and this is both musical and minimal. let me know what you guys think.


  • oh heck yes. beautiful & stirring, full of emotional import. just how many instruments do you play, anyway? well done, sir.

  • i just mess around with as much as i can... if i can get my hands on something... i try to learn it... my weakest points are strings & brass. wish i had the time to practice like back when i was a high school student.

  • awesome... is there any way you could provide a download or should I just download and cut the video's audio?

  • Well done, Mr Patrick ;-)

  • i'll get a download up for ya'll tonight... :-)

  • Nice!

    By the way, I really like what you have up of your hymns project.

  • Absolutely loved this! It reminded me of Jonsi.

  • -ioflow --- i wasn't aware that soundcloud already had dl enabled... hahaha... thats what i was going to do.

  • -ioflow... according to my soundcloud dash, they weren't... weird...
    just enabled them though :-)

    -vestras... free to dl now!

  • Also check out his oatmeal song. A personal favorite.


  • yeah that one's a fun one!

  • lovely. gorgeous dynamics