[new project] mlrVST

  • +1 for osx version...no hurries or pressure. stability is key :)

  • Lovely! OSX is coming!
    No rush hemmer!
    Looking forward to mlrVST!
    Thank you so much! :)))

  • Looks amazing!

  • Wow that's great news!
    Btw are you planning keep the osc implementation (path, types and value range) that is already in MLRV2?
    I just got Lemur on Ipad and I made a sweet template to control every possible parameters.

    Anyway much support for what you're doing!

  • Wow....
    Any news on the mac version ?

  • exciting news, I have a very early mac build working!

    **alpha 0.1.5**


    - new code for drawing waveforms (better graphical performance)
    - sampling / resampling (while this works, it needs much better integration / synchronisation, it's more a proof of concept)
    - **new feature** each strip now acts a control strip when a modifier key on the top row is pressed. this is [[http://imgur.com/isNXQ|best explained with a diagram]], but basically allows things like speed and volume to be controlled for each strip without leaving your monome!
    - group stops have gone for now (you can stop strips with the traditional combo of pressing one button then pressing another to its left). eventually you'll be able to map the top row to whatever you like too.

    @suburbaninaml - that's actually a great idea, hopefully have that in one of the next few releases!

    **NOTE 1**: this still uses the old OSC spec for now so you need to use [[http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=app:monomepseudorial|monomeserial]] with prefix mlrvst.

    **NOTE 2**: I am aware of the font issue (i.e. pixel font's don't render correctly). this is an issue with JUCE but should be relatively simple to fix (hopefully)!

    any questions, I should be irc for a while!

  • quick question before you´re gone...

    I´d guess you did the mac version of mlrvst on 10.7, because you got a new computer, right?

    No luck on osx 10.5.8 (and Ableton 8.2.5), damn (no vst available). I am still avoiding to update..., so much stuff to take care of...

    Thanks a lot anyway for doing this!!! :)))

  • mm i can only seem to build for 10.6 and higher with my xcode install (i've updated the github download to the 10.6 version). i'm going to write up a guide for compiling on Mac so you might be able to try compiling yourself?

  • All right, thanks.

    < I guess 10.6. is needed anyway soon, should be finally worth it now, before spending time on compiling a mac version myself >


  • First try very quickly on mac

    It is loading (in ableton live) ! that's a good start. Not been able to choose a file in a row, but it was with no monome plugged, this may be normal.
    Wow i am so excited.

  • it's right click to select file for a row. control-click to move loop end points. double click to select the whole sample.

  • Okay nice. It seems to be working.

  • Just made a test regarding saving.

    Loaded one file.
    Made a preset.
    Saved the live set.

    Reopen it, preset disappeared.

  • oh yeah presets aren't fully working yet (this is literally just my latest working copy so will have little experiments here and there!). these releases are more just to demonstrate the basic stuff working: at this stage it's mostly just for those who enjoy poking around experimental projects!

  • No probs, i'd be happy and proud to help !

  • Cool,I didn't test everything but it looks like it has been well coded.
    Everything is so darn reactive.Tested at work in Energy XT demo.
    Will test it on Ableton Live tonight.

    Drag & drop works great on each of the 7 rows.
    Selecting loops works very well.
    Love the double click function to reselect the whole sample.

  • also there's middle click and drag to move the selection, but this won't work on macs afaik. maybe shift drag would be a better choice? it sounds awesome dragging a small window across the sample, get some lovely granular effects.

  • @hemmer
    how would you run this through something like ableton? i don't see an actual vst file, is there something special you need to do?

  • wow this is awesome, many props to u sir!

    happy to see the mac build is coming along! i would love to help if i could but i am no programmer =(

    maybe if u need some beta testing?

  • I have seen this thread many times but only just tried it. Nice work!

    I have not read all of this so maybe its already been discussed. But this would be perfect if you could midi map the record option and also route out to seperate tracks in Ableton.

    I would love to be able to record loops on the fly with control from a foot controller.

  • @grooveshysta, have you tried out shfflr? Those two features are sort of the focus of the patch, foot controlled recording and easy multiple outs...

  • @grooveshysta

    everything should hopefully be OSC / MIDI / monome mapable eventually, but yes this would be particularly neat.

    I've been assured multiple outs is possible using JUCE (the development framework) but I've not worked it out yet!

    @nowawakelow: i'm very new to this to so I'm not entirely sure how things work on mac yet, but i'm pretty sure you need to put the .vst object in one of the following folders:

    Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST or

  • how's the project going hemmer?

  • *edit: i'm on windows (sounds like a drug/desease)

    i really like the idea of a mlrVst so i can route audio (guitars!!!) to mlr in live AND use live's effects on mlr's. As i have problems routing audio from live to mlrv i would highly appreciate a mlr(V) VST.

    great thing about your app:
    is it has a bigger buffer for input recording as the aes & alphanerd mlr m4l edits i use at the moment.
    Is it possible to further increase the buffer size? I bet some guitarists would really love it.
    And would it be possible to add a box to manually set the ports used by the vst?

  • hey there:

    @awaymessage - i have to admit progress is really pretty slow at the moment - lots of other work commitments. however i'm am still managing to do the odd bit here and there in small chunks. i'll try and have a big session once I get a bit of a holiday. the project is definitely still alive, just slow!

    @trppng - yip that should be fine

    next aim is to finish off the preset stuff (not fun, but nesscessary!)

  • **alpha 0.1.6 (15/04/2012)**



    - buttons with visual feedback for easier use of recording / resampling
    - added **quantisation** (with working inner looping and stopping combos)
    - added last button looping
    - neatened up UI a little bit


    - visual selection now correctly snaps to 16ths if CTRL-SHIFT is held
    - fixed rare memory leak

    **NOTE 1**: this still uses the old OSC spec for now so you need to use [[http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=app:monomepseudorial|monomeserial]] with prefix mlrvst.

    **NOTE 2**: I am aware of the font issue on macs (i.e. pixel font's don't render correctly). this is an issue with JUCE but should be relatively simple to fix (hopefully)!

    I realise it's been a while without updates, I've just been very busy recently. Next thing on the TODO list is getting presets finished. Btw the Mac build is largely untested as I do most of my development / playing on windows - any issues please drop on the [[https://github.com/hemmer/mlrVST/issues|github tracker]].

  • Great job!!!
    I got mlrVST running on mac osx 10.6.8, Live 8.2.8 using pages.

    Should it be running on all 16 pads on my 128? Only the first 8 pads of each row have led feedback on my monome.

    "- buttons with visual feedback for easier use of recording / resampling"
    Is it normal that I don´t have led feedback on the rop row, or am I missing something?

    Thanks sooo much for hanging in there hemmer. No need to apologize, there are more important things in life than doing mlrVST for no money. ;-))

  • yeah it's just 8 x 8 for now and though the size is just a variable in the code, i'd rather stick with the simple case during early development (definitely have the full range of sizes eventually)

    ah yes i've not done anything about the LED side of things - good point! all i meant by that was that the buttons themselves in the VST count down the precount / recording time. that part of the GUI is horribly fiddly at the moment though, may need a rethink.

    glad to hear it's more or less working though!


  • **beta 0.1.7 (19/05/2012)**



    - added the beginnings of **documentation** (includes developer guide for those that want to try compiling).
    - added a gain ramp (of variable length) when samples start/stop/loop so don't get that slight click sound (adjust it while playing to hear the difference)
    - added mapping setup for top row
    - added multiple modifier buttons that when held turn the rows into control strips (see the MAPPING tab for what mappings are available)
    - added TapeStop (tm) mode for stopping samples with a tape effect
    - added mutes (click channel number)
    - updated to use latest version of JUCE library


    - fixed bug where program would incorrectly think keys were being held
    - improved MIDI timing and accuracy (now only limited by system latency)

    Next major thing to do (I have been kindof putting it off) is presets. Any opinions on how these should work are welcomed, e.g. does the new sample start playing straight away if that row was before? Could set it up so that if there is a blank row in the preset, it leaves the sample that was there before?

  • this is beautiful I wish i had seen this earlier it would have saved me a lot of headaches. cant wait to get off work and jam away!

  • 'does the new sample start playing straight away if that row was before?'
    i'd say no.

    'Could set it up so that if there is a blank row in the preset, it leaves the sample that was there before?'
    i'd say yes !

    Also i thing the mlr state shouldn't be saved with the song. i mean which sample was playing and where in the sample.
    But all the rest, settings, groups, etc, should be.

    in a more personal way, in addition to bigger grids, i'd like to have a row offset option, for loading two instances, splitting the 256 monome in two parts.

    Thanks a lot for your work !

  • trying out with monomeserial, max 5.1.0 and ableton 8.2.1 on a win7 machine and it doesn't work.
    The Vst loads and everything but the monome is unresponsive

  • woah, i can't wait to try this out

  • thanks guys. working on some exciting new pattern recording features, next release is gonna be fun! :)

    @chapelier fou

    thanks, these are good ideas. i'll add the offset in the next release (should be simple to do).

    @fozzy: you shouldn't need max at all if you're using MonomeSerial?

  • very nice work!!!

    I just want to +1 on what chapelier fou says about presets.

    looking forward to bigger grid support... ;-)

    keep up the good work!

  • First, fantastic appz man, congrats and thanks to share !

    i use it with a launchpad +nonome ( sadly lose the cells range time to time ) inside Usine( sensomusic.com) a modular host ( I'm a part of the team), works fine and as i can also use the launchpad as midi controller i use some of the first row cells to run effects in Usine, really great !

    hope you'll find your way for presets , will follow the development fore sure !

  • okay.. i am going to get this running on osx 10.7 this weekend.

  • i like the preset handling in molar. loading presets from device is nice.
    warp/ morph(Reaktor like) between presets would be great.

  • cant get mlrVST running with OSX/Live/Monome Serial/256. Molar is working fine...

  • @hemmer
    any idea when mlr vst will be available for larger grids?

  • the next release will have this (it's already in the latest version on github ). working on presets at the moment, which seem to be taking ages to get right...

  • Is there any way to route the various channels to separate audio channels in the host application.

  • theoretically yes (in fact that was the main motivation for starting as a VST) but I've not got it working yet. I haven't looked at that for while so will have to have another check!

  • awesome! thanks for the update hemmer!

  • presets are coming along nicely now, can load and save etc. there a few design decisions that need to be made before I do too much more with them.


    you can save presets as normal, a list of these is stored internally. these can be then ordered as part of a setlist (including repeats), and this is what are saved / loaded (as xml for now, soon JSON). as far as I can make out, this is pretty similar to mlrV. is the setlist even necessary - would an ordered list of presets be enough?

    are there other approaches I should consider? I like the idea of being able to drag and drop to reorder / insert new presets part way through a setlist.

    Also I'm not sure how to work the tempo changes between presets. Currently it's instantaneous?

  • Ordered list of presets sounds great as does the idea of being able to 'hot-swap' presets.

  • looking forward to this! ordering presets should be enough for me at least, especially if you implement drag and drop.

  • I would TTTTLLYYYY pay dollars for this. It immediately crashed in reaper though...

  • Gosh it's nearly a year since I last looked at this. Any further on midi mapping?

  • bump for larger grids