Finished my 256 mk with knob integration

  • Here's a photo:

    I'm so pumped. Doing a directed next semester study with a maxmsp savvy professor to turn my monome into an audio/visual controller interface. Did I mention how pumped I am? I'm going to need to figure out how to run mlrv smoothly in max6 so I can use all the new video functions.

  • Great build! Let us know how the semester goes.

  • My idea is to customize mlrv (which has been the patch i've worked most with and have already started to customize, the top 4 knobs correspond to the 4 group gain levels and the bottom 4 knobs will be the effects control for each group. right now i have teeth/flange effect) so that the top 8x16 is my normal loop runs, the bottom left 8x8 is quick samples (64 Fingers?) and the bottom right 8x8 is my video/jitter control.

    So much to be done, especially considering I can't figure out how to patch in LED response with a button press. So much to learn.

    and if anyone was wondering, the wood i used for the enclosure is cocobolo and i spray painted my faceplate black. I love the look. The faceplate however was made half the thickness i requested and came warped, but I got it for cheaper than I should have (just a side-question: how much do people normally pay for a 256 faceplate?).

  • Looks pretty awesome

  • Can I see a pic of that ceramic pig? I have something like that.

  • very impressive. Great job!

  • @Revenant

    1280 x 960 - 977K
  • @Moldy Wood

    Broken ceramic pig brother here.

  • Yes! awesome.