Now lets take a minute to talk about SOPA

  • Everyone here... please take a minute to write your local government representative, no matter what country you are in, to let them know you oppose SOPA.

    What's SOPA?

    Why Should I care?

    What can I do?!

  • good on ya. Good luck and popular outcry is entirely what we need here...

  • Funny how the only two talking about it here are canucks...

  • Should also be mentioned that this isn't the first time something like this has tried to go through, and it will happen again. This isn't once; it is every time, until something gets done to prevent it.

    also, this could be most likely some try of a psychology trick -- first they try to push through with something that is so ridiculous it's dumb, and then they pull through with something that's a little bit less dumb... sorta to have a "oh, at least this is better than before"-effect if I'm being clear.

    this needs to be taken seriously. in my opinion, congress should be replaced with newer, younger, more technology-aware-and-updated members.

  • Damn! That last video is Gooood. I had no clue how underhanded this deal is. I always knew it was the studios attempt to make revenue through lawsuits but I had no clue that they were the very people handing us the tools!

    I work as an editor doing disney stuff. The whole publicity department I work with was recently moved out of the building into an adjacent office. The old building's new occupants is going to be Disney legal. If that doesn't sound like foreshadowing.

    Will definitely share that video.

  • Last video is wicked...

  • patent trolls... each and every one

  • LOL. The title of this thread reminded me of "The Fresh Prince of Bellaire"

  • I remember last time they made this attempt, I'll do my part the best I can indeed!