tml for 64/128/256 and arc2/4

  • hey all,

    i've just added a new version of tml that supports 64/128/256 and arc 2/4. a few bug fixes and some additional functionality included.

    all feeback/bug reports/feature requests happily received.

  • Crap! I sold my 256 to get a 64 and an arc2 for this app. Then i realized that I just couldn't get by without 16 steps for other apps, so I sold them both to get another 256. You've now made me lust for an arc4...

  • too much love

  • @hypno|sapien sorry man, you should have let me know! i'm on the way to completing knecht's request for arc gesture pattern recording which should make things interesting.

    also, last night it struck me that actually the grid is somewhat surplus to requirements, and that this app could map nicely onto just an arc2/arc4 using encoder presses to record etc....

  • Wow, an arc only version would be rad. I'd also love to see a way to trigger recording start/stop with a foot pedal. Could be done with a simple note mapping to allow a press to begin recording on the selected track, and release to stop.

  • @hypno|sapien - footpedal control will be possible soon with the utility i'll be sharing soon - ped-ome - allows any monome app to be controlled using your mouse as a foot controller...i wrote the app with tml, mash and grainstorm in mind...

    see here for details:

    it works - i've used it with tml - just applying some app polish - will be released soon.

    @tenmen - looking forward to gesture recording!

  • Hey tenmen, your version of TML is great (I'm using it with 128 + ARC4)
    - just some feedback / minor bug report: it seems when the 'meter activity display' is going, the 'voice focus' and 'voice enable/disable' leds turn off.
    - this just makes it a bit confusing to see which voices are currently active/in focus.
    Hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

  • was just about to post exactly what r1v1era said. great work tenmen!

  • Holy crap! Great app and great edit. Second the foot/mouse pedal control to allow for two handed use; gesture recording would be amazing.

    If this were made arc only, how would you change focus? Make one of the encoders cycle through the voices? Could open things up for even more fun things on a grid...

    I still dont have any monitoring feedback on rows 1-5... not sure why...

  • bonjour!
    a new guy in the place - no programmer and no max specialist but definitively some one who likes to be here. I don't have yet arc4 waiting the next picking -in meantime with a new monome 64 …. my nose is irradiated to be these few past days across the forum to explore how and why and …. - thank you to share your passion and your knowledges - thanks to you i'm evolving in my creations!
    i'm already delighted to experiment tml in the future
    as i want to thanks the max of creators here sorry if you read often my words across different posts - it's not by courtesy only a simple carefully act my simple contribution - tschuss

  • hey all,

    thanks for the bug report, i've just been off the grid (no pun intended) for a couple of weeks in the jungle! i'll take a look in the next couple of days and release a fix.

    thanks for the feedback!

  • Noticed when shifting octave up or down on voice one, it stops the third encoder. Pushing the encoder restarts. Other voices do not do this.

  • @watson i've not been able to recreate this behaviour, could you let me know precisely what hardware you're using and what steps you took sequentially? thanks!

  • Arc 4 / Monome 64 / MBP on OSX 10.5

    I'll recreate it when I get home and post exactly what happens.

  • tenmen,

    you are the man. Great extension of the original.

    two things:
    -Bug fixes.... My focus light has a hard time staying lit and my voice on/off button also has a hard time staying lit..

    --Another thing. I had some suggestions but i know they wont be easy of course. And i don't know shit about programming to make these extensions but but but.....

    what about having separate inputs and outputs for each voice?
    i think that would be awesome in conjunction with soundfllower's 16 channels...

    Also, I wanted to ad that your todo list is exciting. The pattern capture idea is awesome for the monome and arc. I would think the arc would be hard to capture smoothly.

    anyway wanted to say that this extension is awesome and i had so much fun playing with it all night tonight and yesterday night.

    so much potential

  • Didnt get around to testing tonight. Will attempt tomorrow. I also thought separate channels for each voice would be rad. I dont know I if would use separate ins, but splitting up each voice in ableton tracks would be nice.

  • v031 released:

    fixed the LED feedback bug on 64/128 - thanks to r1v1era/flyingoctopus/watson
    added midi record functionality


  • Well, cant make the thing happen again. Oh well!

    Still not seeing meter feedback on rows 1-5...

  • watson,

    yes if you were to have multiple tracks in ableton or logic then you could prevent any overspray and isolate the sound you would want to capture in tml.

    The thing is what if you wanted those outputs in logic or ableton to speak when you aren't recording in tml. I guess you could just have a thru in tml... Then we would want to be able to control the amount coming through. perfect job for the arc....

    a lotta wax on wax off there i think.....

    just throwing out ideas.

  • ps. I don't get much meter feedback either...

    maybe that space on the grid could just be for other stuff.. and maybe set a limiter and have the top row just blink for signal or something. idk.. don't find myself needing the meters too much ....

  • with regard to the meter feedback, it's there but if you're dealing with low gain inputs the defaults can leave the meter too insensitive, it's adjustable in the guts of the patch, but i'll put a knob on so you can alter it - i'm trying to avoid too much interface!

    arc gesture recording nearly finished, so i'll do a release with both features shortly.

  • @Leonard there is thru in tml!

    @tenmen thanks for your work. i love love love this patch.

  • Yeah i know there is a thru but if there were multiple channels then one on each is what i was talking about...

    Everyone in this community... seems to go for the minimal workstation...

    so i wouldn't think a multichannel would rise.

    unless i did it my self. which i don't see why i couldn't but i just don't know max.

    you are awesome. The gesture recording will be great....

  • hey all,

    perhaps the most useless demo video ever....

    i'm going to go and put some dance moves together for the manual.


  • just curious if there is somewhere i could read up on what each section of this app is and how im supposed to use it properly

    im getting feedback from both connected devices, and it seems to be working when i choose load buffer and then add a sample into it

    but from watching the video it looks like you are utilizing your live piano and i would like to understand how to do this

    - thanks

  • @0neTwo0neTwo

    the quickstart guide should get you going.

    i'm purely using the piano as an audio input device - so i'm pressing the bottom left button on the 256 to bring the voice into focus, then holding the button above whilst i play some audio to record it into the buffer - then have a fiddle with the top two encoders on the arc and you should be off. if you can't hear anything, ensure that the 3rd button from the bottom is lit, if it isn't press it enable the voice. move one column to the right and repeat!

  • so,

    i've completed a proof of concept for gesture recording in tml. as it stands i've created just a 2 voice version for the 64 so you guys can have a play around and give me your feedback. when i implement higher voice counts, i'm running into some performance issues... so i figured before i tackle the ports to the other formats etc, i'd make sure you guys were getting what you needed. issues i'm aware of:

    1. there's only 2 voices!
    2. encoder 0 (loop window) has issues with overdubbing gestures. in essence, if you overdub a turn over a press, it will effect loop length rather than position
    3. beware tendency to maxima! if you record a turn, it may be worth including a press (reset) so you return to a median point.

    let me know your thoughts!

  • @tenmen - will definitely give this a go and report back!

  • this thing looks fantastic. i can't wait to check it out!
    separate outs would be amazing!

  • hey all, anyone have a chance to take a look at this?

  • just tried it out.
    i am on voice one recording knob 0 gestures.
    it records my gestures(from appr. the 2 oclock-3 oclock position) exactly.
    once it plays the recorded gesture once (2-3oclock) it cycles through the rest of the sample in this manner: recorded gesture at 4-5oclock, recorded gesture at 6-7oclock, recorded gesture at 8-9oclock, recorded gesture at 10-11oclock, recorded gesture at 12-1oclock, recorded gesture at 2-3oclock, and so on. until i tap "gesture erase".

    then i recorded gestures for voice 2. same as above except once i record voice 2 gestures, voice 1 gestures ceased. then came back when i tapped voice 1 focus.

  • just noticed, using v31, i cannot pitch up with the encoder as far as i can using octave buttons... there seems to be a limit on how far you can go with the encoder.

  • @machsymbiont thanks for the feedback, i'm out of the country this week, but will definitely take a look upon my return next weekend.

    @watson i maxed it at 3x. not sure why really.... i'll see if i can remove that in the next release

  • thinking about the top 5 rows... FX would be cool.... filter/delay/reverb etc... on a per voice basis.... yum.

  • after using this quite a bit and running it into ableton for FX and etc, I think my main desire for this patch is some other midi control for recording, be it foot pedal or other. but I love love love this patch.

  • @watson sorry man, i stopped getting notifications on this thread! i added the midi controlled record functionality in v031 - is it not working for you?

  • ah! whoops - didnt notice that. let me check it out when I get home. will it be obvious how to use it? I can be a little daft sometimes.


  • works like a charm. what i'd like to do is use my trackpad click as a record button/footswitch. stevieraysean posted this up and said it would do the trick. i can open up patches in m4l, but i dont quite know what to do with this...


  • this is a wonderful patch.

    the following would be useful:

    -the ability to route voices to different audio outputs would be useful.
    -lfo volume (encoder 2) is optional, allowing the user to play a voice back with or without amplitude modulation.

    more to come with later edit.

  • myles did this awesome thing.

  • @tenmen
    This patch does not work here...
    Would you help me?

    I'm sure that 128/arc4 is connected to the patch.
    And input meter works fine.
    Do as the quickstart guide,but no sound.

    When the patch is opend, this error message appeared in Max window.
    "jpatchline_completeconnection: index out of range."
    Is this correct?

  • hey all

    i've just uploaded v032. i've made a couple of small improvements in line with your requests:


    added vu sensitivity dial in the ui
    increased the playback speed encoder range from 3x to 6x
    added adjustable gain and output channel for each voice

    head over to for the download.


  • I wonder if it's possible to do a version of this app which uses a 'start/stop' press for the record function rather than 'press and hold'? I'm hoping to use it to loop guitar and obviously I need both hands to play it so can't really press and hold at the same time. :)

    Would be very grateful if this could be an option. Possibly you could include an option to toggle the recording behviour? as some people might well prefer it how it is now...

    Thanks in advance.


  • is anybody having an issue with this version of tml (.32) where the "channel" focus/select button requires a second press to switch channel at least 50% of the time?

    i'm in osx lion, max 6.0.3

  • @restlessboy

    That would indeed be cool. As an alternative, there's midi in for a footswitch or, thealphanerd made a little app (top of the page) that let a mouse or trackpad click function as one. I use my wireless trackpad as one. Works nicely!


    I've noticed, but not 50% of the time...

  • @restlessboy

    i'll be publishing ped-ome very shortly now which means you'll be able to use a mouse as a foot controller to engage the record function for each channel in tml - in fact you'll be able to control any monome app using ped-ome - without the need to use midi-mapping and a midi foot pedal.

    got the last bug with ped-ome fixed the other day - have organized the code into packages - just need to check everything into my googlecode pages and write some instructions.

    i'm already using ped-ome with tml and i can record my guitar fine.

    any day now...

    ped-ome is not a midi-controller it dispatches monome osc commands - you can use it with any monome app - including those without midi-mapping.

    [edit] looks like myles beat me to it with his max patch - that'll teach me for taking so least i learned java dnssd - i'll post a link anyway once i've checked in..

  • @everyone thanks for the replies. I can see pedome and the other patch being useful, but not so much in a gig situation. An actual hardy foot switch would be fine - is there a way of using that with pedome/the other patch? Ultimately if anyone was willing and able to implement my suggestion above that would be my preferred solution but I'll give the patch a go for now.

  • @'tini that's concerning - let me do some poking around and see if i can replicate

    @restlessboy that sounds like a good idea, and relatively simple to implement. i'll see if i can rustle up in the next few days

    @all would you like me to include the trackpad/mouse record functionality into the patch?

    also, i spotted a bug, where the playback speed encoder press is giving 2x instead of 1x. let me know on the above and i'll release them all together.

    i'm working on another app for a specific live context, where i need to use 2 different inputs into tml on different voices, so there will probably be an update with that also.

    thanks for the support guys!

  • @restlessboy

    it would be possible to update ped-ome to respond to midi ccs fairly easily then you could use a foot controller rather than a mouse - not sure how foot-controllers work though - how do you change the cc that you generate?

    ped-ome allows you to move around the monome and press different buttons - for this to work with a midi foot controller you would need to be able to generate 3 different ccs without reconfiguring the foot controller.

    i could certainly allow 3 different ccs to be mapped to the mouse buttons though

  • @restlessboy

    if the switch can send a midi note, then yes.


    building it in would be sweet. although a press/press to turn on/off would be perhaps awesomer. i'm not sure which i like better. i too, need to use both hands!