Monemur in SerialOSC?

  • I know this is a crazy question, but is there going to be any support for monemur for the jazzmutant lemur in serialosc? Also has anyone who uses it out there thought of writing an arc emulation?

  • Well lemur is dead platform at this point. You can use it with the monomeserial bridge right now.

    arc emulation? can't see the avail controls in the Lemur palette able to do that very well.

    Time to buy an Arc?

  • Well I was thinking of using the Ring Object, which allows for a degree of friction (I have seen turntable emulation with it) and a ring of LEDs (which are easy to do) I am just concerned about its communication with arc apps. I don't have any experience with max/msp so idk, I guess it will be time to learn.

  • Bump.

    Now that Lemur is running on iPad, this is a relevant question. Old apps configured for MonomeSerial work hunky dory with Monomur on the iPad, but we're out of luck for the new ones requiring SerialOSC.


    Also, here's a nice little update to Monomur for those running Lemur on their iPads:

  • In the other thread about Lemur on the iPad, pauk has just told me you can use Pages to run serialosc apps with monemur. I've got the monomeserial versions of everything running fine with monemur, and I'm about to try with this Pages setup and the serialosc patches. Hopefully it'll be simple enough to do!

  • it's a very good idea to use pages...
    another way would be this patch:

  • I thought both of those would be porting in the wrong direction. i.e., they each assume that your hardware can communicate with SerialOSC directly? Maybe not.

    That said, I know inflow has a version of SerialOSC that you can specify port numbers on (for use in his linux setup because he couldn't use zeroconf/bonjour), and I think that his work will help your cause if these don't work directly.

    Either way, I hope you will report back with your findings.

  • has anyone had any luck in using monoemur with serialosc? I have tried using the alternative serialosc maxpat (without using zeroconf/bonjour) but have failed...

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Has anyone been able to get Monemur to work with Mlrv 2.3? I have set my ports/IP address correctly, I am not sure if I have the prefix incorrect. In the meantime, I am going to try to get it working with Pages.

  • Nevermind, I built my own Lemur template and M4L patch. I have pages working fine. I'll probably share it if there is any interest.

  • There is an intereste !

  • if u have m4l, u should check out re:mix (an offshoot of mlr) it has built in touchosc/lemur support.