new track by myr and duskky. original dubfunk business. (sorry i've been away so long)

  • ello ello,

    new track by me and my housemate Duskky. original dubfunk business, lots of breaks and bass with a dark jazz vibe. trying something new using renoise instead of ableton, with logic for processing and mixing. had way too much fun in renoise, so it's pretty packed with drum breaks and percussion.

    haven't had much time for programming of late. way too many essays for this masters degree to my liking. hopefully be able to get back into it in the spring and summer when I'm working on practical projects for performance.

    hope you're all enjoying the new year.

  • DOPE TUNE!!!! funky UK bass FTW!! =)

  • cheers guys! if you want a high quality copy for playing out or listening to at home i can whisper you a private link. let me know.

  • James ive not listened yet but i will in the car, send the link bro!