Looking for a MIDI gate/filter/simplifier

  • hello,

    i'm looking for a way to 'thin out' a midi track ... i have some drum tracks which i want to modify in real-time so that 'less notes' come through, in essence simplifying the beat. I have played around with everything i could find inside Live/M4L and still can't figure it out. I can do this with a midi range selection but that only eliminates certain midi notes/instruments but i0'm looking for sth that would operate more like a threshold or time based gate.

    Does anyone know of a M4L or other device that i could use for this ?

  • http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device.php?id=107

    this is a neat little app, i made a modification which added 3 bpm synced midi delays after the midi tax for science.

  • hey .. thx so much, this is EXACTLY what i was looking for :)

  • MidiTax is fantastic, and I recommend it to everyone.

    Very curious about wednesdayayay's delay mod. (I use a beat repeat for similar effect, but there are lots of reasons why this mod would be better)

  • this is based on/stolen from the cover operators midi delay (http://www.thecovertoperators.org/Max/MSP-Patches/midi-delay) and the miditax link provided above

    i thought i had lost this but i found it!
    i only used it a couple times as i thought it was lost, thank you for renewing my interest (and in the meantime i found a bunch of old patches i had started, there goes my next couple months).

    i used this in conjunction with beatfader (http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device.php?id=534)

    some of the delay values are way too high but i will provide it as it for now

    i love your fret/strum workings by the way

    edit:okay i am messing ever so slightly with this stuff again it was actually a beatfader into an ableton midi random into the delay.

    dual/line toggle set to on will take the grand total of delay time and apply it to the midi signal and off it uses them all three separately on the single midi input

    i think the rest should be relatively self explanatory

    found my beatfader with random note length mod. i am going to have to mangle all these things into on beasty beast with an additional velocity, length, pitch randomizers after the taxing/delay

  • Thanks!

    I need to do more of the fret/strum stuff. And probably re-code even that much, now that I have a better idea what I'm doing in max.

    I know I posted this recently, but in the spirit of you modding midi tax, my mod of midi quantize is hiding in this thread:

  • here is an old sound of me using a traditional sustain pedal in combination with fret/strum


    and here is another old one of the first day i messed with midi tax and fret/strum


    In combination with noatikl these things sing like a switchblade. I am certainly going to be messing with your sustain pedal and midi quantize today and will fashion me a midi caressing/persuading machine


    btw gtz how is the chro-magnome coming along?

  • midi caressing/persuading...

    some more toys for you:

    Mitigate (MIDI Gate) is a small suite of master/slave apps. Put "checkIfPlaying" on a track that has MIDI input. Assign it an ID. The others are MIDI or Audio effects, and they cut off whatever's passing through them when that first device doesn't have any notes passing through them.

    Simple example: I like to abruptly cut off my reverbs and delays when my hands aren't on the keyboard.

    These can probably be finessed further. One of them in particular, which was the basis for this guy, should really be brought up to its level:


    Bend Gate lets me use the bend wheel from my MIDI controller to toggle whole chains of MIDI. ie, replacing a whole rack of "strum" instruments all at once.

    (There's also a second version of Bend Gate which was way more powerful, but not nearly as fun to use. ...and I might have deleted it.)

    I made a video to explain that one, but it's long and boring and I didn't post it. Might try again this weekend.


    Parts of it (on the software front) are progressing nicely. Hardware wise, the soldering is all done (and has been forever), but I got hung up trying to flash the firmware, and I sort of put that aside with the excuse that Owen's releasing a new version of the firmware soon anyway.

    Also, I bought some tools to help build an enclosure, but haven't opened them. (excuse: I'm just going to have to take it apart when that new firmware's available anyway)

    Circular logic makes the best excuses.

  • ...and as if on cue, they just released the new firmware.

    So, I'm going through the instructions again..

    ...and it looks like I managed to skip step 11 both times I tried this.

    So then, step 13 didn't work, and I thought step 12 must have failed. But, no. I did.

    Let's try this without being an idiot and see where that gets me...

  • And continuing off-topic...

    Both of my controller boards work now. One of my boards is set (after replacing a few LEDs - I really should have tested them before soldering in). The other one still needs some LEDs replaced. I'll deal with that tomorrow - it's sort of a pain.

  • i don't know anything about max 4 live... is there a way to use it stand alone in just max..?

  • the midi delay?

    if so i could get one together pretty quick i think

    also one the midi caresser is done i will post it as a max4live and max patch

  • There's a process you can go through to pull the content out of an .amxd file and put it in a .maxpat, but with a lot of these, you'll have to integrate them directly into the apps you want to use them with. Might be worth it. Might not.

    My laptop is dying (bad sector on the HD, I think), or I'd have another patch for wednesdayayay. Hopefully I can get at the file soon. This one doesn't work as a Max For Live device, but is very nice to integrate with something like he's building.