Mudo's turtable idea thread

  • yo Mudo! well up for helping out with this idea! where you at with it?
    If anyone is interested in arduino midi/osc/hid turntable project, contact me or open a new tread.

    I'm working on it (and learning arduino) for two reasons:


    Scratch encoder.

    Back in topic: Arc doesn't seems to scratch it but there is more room to play!

  • Yes, i too am keen on this. I've been looking around, would love to mount the scratch encoder from the eks otus into a 40h silicone base....

  • Hi people!
    Why didn't send me a mail? I found this by accident!

    I'm very happy to see monomers interested in the scratch decoder project!

    I will add to my bookmarks this topic but you could find me as mutis mayfield at fb/g+ too


  • Isn't there already ms.pinky and shit like that?

    Or are you talking straight hardware?

  • exactly. Nice, open source, simple rotary encoder hardware, with high resolution and led feedback. Too many fucking hoops to jump through (turntable, vinyl, audiocard, decoding algorithm) to get a simple scratch controller. A big Arc1 would be wonderful.