For Sale: Monome 128 w/original box and power supply

  • Unfortunately I must sell my gently used monome (2008/9) 128 with original box and power supply. I cannot continue to waste time trying streamline the monome into my set up. I wish max4live and monome serial were more intuitive so I could actually use this thing in ableton live. anyhoo, maybe someday it will be easier to use and more compatible with live in an intuitive fashion. For now its on the block unless someone wants to show me how to set it up. (and no I am not going to re-read a thousand previous posts to figure it out, thanks)

    item shippipng from Colorado


  • how much are you looking for?

  • entertaining offers.....

  • Is this unit sold?

  • hi,

    in co, and interested if you still have.


  • is this a greyscale or walnut?

  • From the inclusion of a power supply and year number, I would guess walnut.

  • still for sale??

  • Hi,

    Is it still for sale? Can u please send me some pictures? How much are you asking for?

    I am very interested on this item.

    I will be waiting for you reply,



  • is it still for sale.. write me at lassemunkmail AT gmail DOT com