Sevenup, live and arduinomeserial

  • I have finally flashed the arduino to show ah40h-001 serial and arduinomeserial is FINALLY recognizing it (the test box causes all lights to light so I assume the communication between Arduinome serial and the device is set). I am now trying to get it to work with SevenUp live and as for as I can tell, the host/listen ports are matched up and the prefix is correct. However, still no light up "7" when I press start. I have installed a few programs in my search and I'm wondering if that is affecting clear communication. Serialosc, monomeserial and monorouter were installed, serialosc has since been deleted. My hypothesis is that 1) the multiple serial communication programs are conflicting 2) there is a problem with the host/listen prefixes being used or 3) I screwed something up installing SevenUp. I have been working on this for months now and I am beginning to get frustrated. I have combed through the monome forums many many times and I have not found anything yet. If you have ANY ideas on how to fix this problem or posts which may have already adressed these issues, I would love to hear it.

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  • Also, if you know of a good way to test communication without SevenUp I could rule a few things out..

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  • @FreeMoney
    Can help if you provide more information.

    What OS?
    What java version?
    What version of 7up?
    You are using arduinoserial?
    Screenshots of SevenUpCore and ArduinoSerial configuration
    Right click 7up core and choose "Open MAX Window" try to connect and provide a screenshot of the log.

    Common things, switch the port numbers on only one side of connection.
    For example 8000->8080
    one side's host is the other sides listen port, kind of like connecting inputs and outputs on a stereo.

    Finally, If you search for "Open MAX Window" in the threads, you'll see similar problems addressed and many possible solutions.

  • Sorry to have missed your response. OS is Mac 10.6.8. Java is up to date from apple software update. 7up is version 2.0.4. Yes on Arduinomeserial. I have provided a screenshot of SevenUp, Arduinomeserial and MAX log. thanks for your response and let me know if theres anything else that might help.

    1440 x 900 - 345K
  • Doesn't look like you installed all the jar files in the proper location.

    For example MXJ System Classpath should also show

    The screenshot above doesn't show the log after you have clicked "start". This might also show additional problems.

    Without all the .jar files installed the java core engine of 7up cannot run even if the M4L UI seems to be working.

  • Here are some screenshots now that I have (I believe) installed the .jar files in the proper location. The second screenshot shows the portion of the max window that was cut off in the first screenshot.

    1440 x 900 - 392K
    1440 x 900 - 403K
  • IO Protocol in Arduinoserial needs to be set to OSC not MIDI.

    7up does not use midi to communicate with the monome.

    The MAX log looks good.

  • The program seems to be working fine and there is some communication between SevenUp and the arduinome. However the lights seems to light up sporadically and the buttons do not stay lit. I do see a scrolling pattern but it is rather weak. I did not immediately see any discussions that described this problem but if you have already answered this question elsewhere just let me know.

  • I am experiencing the same problem as the original post.

    I have attached a screenshot of the Max editor and I am assuming the text in red is where the problem lies. Can anyone explain how to solve this issue?

    Mac OS 10.6.8
    java should be up to date
    SevenUpLive- v2.0.4

  • Your address pattern prefix in Arduinomeserial needs to be /7up not 7up.

    It is correct to omit slash in 7up's dialog.

  • I'm having the same problems as FreeMoney. Connects fine, and sweeps along with tempo but v. flickery (also only top two squares on the right light up after the seven symbol is that normal?).
    If I try to make a stepper track the arduinome stops responding and I have to disconnect and reconnect. The max window just says "port closed"

    OSX10.6x, Max 6, Live 8.2.6, UNO

  • Just an update -
    7up from the main site is a bugged release it seems like - it doesn't work properly with max 6.
    Barnone posted this version which is supposed to work

    Im using max 5 now but can anyone help me? Buttons dont respond only the tempo sweeper seems to work.
    I have two errors:
    "live.obj | set id invalid id
    live.obj | get: no valid obj set"