Watching Daedelus makes me feel as if I'm neglecting MLRv2's features


    I've watched and listened to this video and the LA Monomeet video at least 100 times. Can anyone share with me what Daedelus is doing and/or some mlrv2 tricks?

  • i'm pretty sure that's the mlr 2.51++ and/or mlr 2.56 edited patch with added reverb control.

  • I vaguely recall Alfred posting a query/expressing interest in mlrv2. Whether he currently uses it or not, if it'll make you feel any better, he was already awesome sauce before switching (if he indeed switched).

  • Thanks for the info. Is there an advatage to using mlr over mlrv2? BTW, the clip of you ( no sir e)in the monomeet video has been stuck in my head for weeks now. I love the juxtaposition of those low strings and horns with the sped up vocals. Very smart stuff! Can I buy a recording of that set anywhere?

  • correct is no sir e...that is not 2.56 tho since that came out not too long ago (easy way to tell is by the double VU meters)...

    on a tangent..i am learning max and will modify the fucker out of mlr when i feel im prepared for it...ohh do i have so many ideas =D

  • Hello Cropsie,

    No Sir E as the right of it, I believe at that time it was MLR 2.51++, MLRV has some wonderful features and any version of MLR will give much the same options for sample manipulation. As for tricks with MLR(V or otherwise) know your samples foremost, and try to make them short enough to have your button pressing make for rhythmic and melodic possibilities. Often if you have a very long sample you only be playing the beginning of measures and likely the same downbeat and chordal progressions will be all you are dealing with. I hope this helps in some small fashion, and surely more of the monome community can weigh in with thoughts. Best!

  • @Cropsie
    a download is available here:

  • wow, you just blew my mind with 'snowedin' @no sir e! thanks for sharing.

  • I've always been a fan of anything I hear from you, no sir e. nice use of the inception soundtrack!

  • Thanks for the insights! Getting in the mindset to make music with a monome is a really fun experience and I'm glad to have a community to share it with. It's like the first time I sat down at a piano and realized that all the chords and harmonies of Western music were at my fingertips. Using the monome really is a liberating experience. I was lucky enough to see Daedelus about six months ago in Atlanta at the Masquerade with Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer, and Free the Robots. I nerdily asked him about his creative process and he commented on how he looks at the computer as a blank slate where anything goes. If anyone gets the chance to bug the hell out of Daedelus at a show, he responds with some insightful and exhilarating comments and ideas about music. Plus, I imagine he loves nerdy kids bugging him before he does his thing...

  • yes I excitedly bugged him too in princeton.
    except I'm not a kid.
    nor am I smart enough to be a nerd.
    so it was more like awkward :-P

    but seriously he was cool. In short I was expressing to him how I had put all things aside just to focus on polishing my sound and being all technical. Instead he encouraged me to just create and the other stuff will eventually follow in due time.

  • as long as we are on this topic. ....i cant figure out what ro is doing with mlr. i'm working with mlrv (serialosc) for some weeks. when i watch the monomeet video for the countless+1 time i think i'm missing something here.
    is it a specific function of mlr?
    for example the second row sample: ro is playing it backwards AND forwards without touching another rows button. and he is looping one half of the sample, but it appears on all 16 buttons.


    erm...did i mention, i'm talking about the monomeet video?

  • alright, de-fused. after installing mlr2.8 it became clear.

  • Hi guys !
    I'm trying out different mlr's as I don't have the max skills to modify it and i'm not sure what i'd really need yet, but i haven't found the mlr 2.56 with reverb control, is it somewhere around here or does someone have it ?

    I'd also like to thank to you all, with all the information i found around here i've already been able to have lots of fun with my 1st monome, mostly using mlr_cyst/mlr2.51++/mlr_aes/mlrv

    Cheers from Toulouse !

  • what always baffles me when i see these videos is the fact that all the samples sound very clean, as in, just the right speed, just the right octave.

    Whenever I load samples onto my monome, they are either way too slow or way too fast and adjusting the octaves +/- make it sound way off.

    How do you guys load up your samples and have them sound perfectly normal?

  • whenever i use mlr or mlrv i always chop my samples into an even number of bars... (2, 4, 8, 12).

  • prep everything in ableton... match the bpm and make sure it is warped.

    Then bounce it out of ableton in to stems to be used in mlr

  • @thealphanerd: Uh, what? lol

  • can anyone point me where to get mlr 2.56? i looked everywhere but couldn't find it :_(

  • @yuppie what @thealphanerd is saying is that daedalus doesn't just turn up to a gig, drag a load of samples into mlr and then hit some buttons and hope for the best. most of the prep work is done in other software and mlr is used for performance / improv. for example if you were going to make a song in ableton (or any other daw), you'd make a drum loop and it'd play back at the bpm the project is set at (say 120bpm). you'd then add bass, keys, whatever over the top all at that same bpm and get the levels right. let's say these were all 1 bar loops and you export them separately as stems out of ableton, dropped them into mlr and set mlr's tempo to 120bpm, you wouldn't have to mess about with the octave buttons as they would play back at 120 the same as they did in ableton. you can then use the group stops to bring those elements in and out as you please. if you saved that as a pre-set in mlr, then on the next pre-set had the same samples but maybe with a slightly different drum pattern or a different melodic element then you've got the opportunity to create something interesting. if you keep all your samples short (1 or 2 bar loops) at the same tempo then you can start button mashing and it's quite easy to keep everything in time (if that's what you want).

    so yeah, as the D-man says at the top 'know your samples'

  • I started this thread about a year ago and it's crazy to see how much I've learned in the time that has passed. This community is awesome and you guys have helped me in the creative process. Over the last year I wrote a bunch of tracks and I ended up with 3 or 4 that I really like. I couldn't have done that without the help from this community.

    I always see people saying you should prep all your samples (warp, edit, eq) in ableton and then put them in mlr. I don't do any of that. I love to sample long (10sec) harmonic passages and then put them in mlr and make my own melody or melodies out of it. Take a sample like that and put it across two rows and pitch one of them up or down whatever interval sounds good.

  • I think that falls under the banner of "learn the rules so you can break them."

    The point of prepping your samples is to ensure that they sync up in predictable ways. And folks keep recommending Ableton because it makes that task very easy. Is it necessary? Probably not. But it's good practice to learn that way. Builds character. Or something.

  • To me both methods have their advantages as long as you know why you're preparing your samples or not. But I think if you're not familiar with choppin and pitchin samples, Ableton is a great way to get started.

    I still haven't found the best mlr for me, I'd like to learn how to patch my own but haven't got enough time at the moment so I'm just trying all available versions.

    I couldn't find the version Mr D's using in the "Far from home" video with the reverb control on the 256's top row (so version 2.56 I guess after reading this thread) and as i'm playing without a 64 to controls effects, it'd be great to have it!

    If someone has it or knows where I could find it ...
    Once again, merci

  • you could use mash 2 - it lets you host vsts so if you've got a nice reverb plugin you could use it with that.

    i pretty much use mlr as @Cropsie said, chuck some samples across the buttons, play with pitch and create patterns - resample then use it elsewhere.

    if i was going to do a set i would prep everything first and cut up into manageable chunks. i've only done this once with a simple 2 bar song i did of drums, bass, pads and keys but the restriction of just having 4 groups and only really being able to start and stop elements was surprisingly freeing and i found the possibilities just with these basic elements was...not endless but there was enough possibility to keep it fun without being intimidating / distracting.

    suppose that's the point that keeps being made with regards to monome / minimalism & creativity.

  • Seems interesting, i'll try it.
    Thanks jhindsight!