NEW video....

  • yo...
    i know its been a while.....
    done with the semester and......
    i got time for a new mlr video
    this was mostly an exercise in using preset for change ups
    aes 6 groups por vida homies
    lemme know whatcha think!
    peace and thanks

  • Disgusting.... i need to go practice.

    The monome has its first Jimi Hendrix.

  • You knocked that one out of the park.
    Great Stuff.

  • umm..i dont want to sound stupid, but how did u get more than 4 samples to play at once?

  • @sim,
    >aes 6 groups por vida homies

    he's using the aes edit of mlr that has 6 groups and different top row functionality.

  • amazing.

    what were you using before you got into mlr? mpc? drums? piano?

  • before mlr...
    i used to have a roland sp606 (rolands mpc...not as cool, but lots of effects), and actually all of the above.....i.e. drums guitar piano reason padcontrol....alll of it
    just always experimenting......
    i am fortunate enough to have a job, where i only have to work 2 or 3 days a week.....(usually.....well for the time being) so when im not in school i make tracks everyday.....
    lots and lots o' practice
    thanks everybody!

  • and where can i get that mlr?

  • @simcitizzon
    Believe that's where mlr aes edit is. have fun.




    or piclae's modmod (my fav):

    beat me by 40 seconds...nice

  • thanks a lot guys...... :'( this place brings a tear to my eye...i love it XD

  • good lord I love your videos edison...just realized how well you mixed the presets together..and so

    as always your performance was amazing. great work once again. :)

  • I second rent's q. is there a button in aes edit that switches between presets (i know there isn't one in normal mlr)? and if so, it looks as if the new preset doesn't take effect until that row's button is pushed. Am i right?
    that's the mlr breakthrough here. the preset shift.

  • werd....
    thanks all
    so the aes mlr has 2 mod pages....
    one (the far right top button) switches recording buffers and starts recording ect.
    the second (second farthest from right) is the button press recorders and presets..
    i actually made this a while before my first videos....but i haven't been taking monome tracks this far lately (been too swamped with other musical things)
    so i unearthed this and put a couple practice runs in and it was on.....and yeah after switching presets, the old loops play until pressed again, so you can mix them in as you please.....
    as for mixing presets, while doing these beats, i very much compose specifically for mlr.....i basically make a 1-4 bar loop im stoked on....keep the drums 1 bar for 40h resolution....i then keep the drums and bass the same and flip all the samples, through new efx, different octaves ect....just remix my own loops, then i just assign em' all out to presets......mlr switches really fast (within a beat or 2) and thats about it!

    again thank you all......
    its great to have button pushing support!

  • pr0ps son!!! you do great!!

  • Sickness! Totally inspiring. Luv the song and your Monome case.

  • holy shittin moly

    that is great

  • Amazing stuff.

  • agreed, this is sick!

    i keep wanting to make excuses to myself about not having enough buttons on the 64 to do everything i want. seeing everyone elses output makes me shut up and get on with it!

    i'm finally getting a new laptop later today too, thats another excuse out the way, this one is quite valid though, my current machine isnt good enough to keep stuff in sync!

  • Very nice! Great composition and technique.

  • I've been wondering if the preset switching could be used seamlessly to keep a tune changing up more.

    Obviously, yes.

    Pure awesome.

  • @edison
    whoops. didn't notice those two preset buttons right next to the pattern recorders in aes edit. wouldn't have mattered; never thought of using them that way before.
    keep it coming...

  • > i keep wanting to make excuses to myself about not having enough buttons on
    > the 64 to do everything i want. seeing edison's ninja fingers makes me shut up
    > and get on with it!

    fyp =P

    really incredible work edison... like whoa....

  • the old mlr (like early v2) had preset up/down as the mod keys (last 2 of the first row). if anyone wants presets instead of volume keys - its an easy mod.. perhaps this might encourage a different style of mlr play?

  • amazing. really incredible skills there, man. you're making the rest of us look bad, both with the playing and composition skill.

  • hey thanks everyone.....
    i really wanted to say thanks to tehn for putting me front and center!
    you made a grown man blush

  • @enjoi, super easy mod =)

    i made the last 4 buttons of my 256 into [prev, next, set tempo, tap tempo]

    /hijack =P

  • hey...
    i tried to use the jmel mlr this morning with no luck,
    the maxpatch wont open
    but from the options he's offering and the vst implamentation, thats a beast!
    it sounds incredible....but i really need 6 groups
    anyone into combining the 6 groups of aes with the goodies of jmel?
    i realize you might not be able to have all the options of both....
    just a thought.....
    if i was a max programmer id be all over that......

  • edison: fire me your email (to jmelnyk AT batterycollection DOT net). there's an updated version which may help you out as far as at least opening/running. i'm working on combining the aes features (six groups, four recorders) with the ones mine includes but it'll be a little bit. i currently have a version with four groups and six recorders that i can fire at you, tho :)

  • Hey sorry if this is a really dumb question, but do you usually record directly into mlr or do you premake loops and then put it in?

  • i think i would be fair to say that most people render their samples first in another program and then load them in mlr. you can't (currently) save the input buffer (wink wink, someone wanna write that save function?...i'd use it everyday. might be a good excuse for me to dive into max, i finally have a registered copy) in mlr.

  • @mistone
    yeah i always render first.....since about 3 months ago,
    im an ableton junkie!....i just removed reason 4 from my set up this week

    i think you can save the buffers....ive never done it but isnt there a "write" button under the inputs window? i need to check again cuz i dont have it infront of me.....but i think you can save em, but then you have to reload them from where you saved them in order to save the preset info.....
    i dunno check it out

  • yeah, i think the write button allows you to save the buffers.

    my biggest problem with live looping though is syncing up the live input stream to mlr tempo. i'm always off by part of a beat. =(

    that said, i tweak my loops in peak before bringing them into mlr

  • i had no idea. you learn something new everyday...