• This is an increasingly rare Korg Ms-10 semi-modular synthesizer for sale or trade. I really would like to trade for a walnut Monome 128. The synth was just serviced by Logical Audio in Atlanta and has received a clean bill of health. Price is $750 plus shipping. Pics upon request.

    edit: Price drop to $700!

  • I have a walnut 128 I've been thinking of parting ways with. It's not a new solid body one and still uses power adaptor but perfect condition. I'd be interested in a trade. Been wanting ms-20 but a little out of my price range.

    Where are you located for shipping? I'm in Boston.

  • I'm located in Atlanta, zip code 30312. I'm going to put some pics up later tonight. I honestly hate to part with it. This is the model with the earlier and more desirable filter chip. Every time you turn the thing on it's instant Mr.Oizo Analog Worms attack time. I have a couple of analog synths, including a Moog Voyager, and I have never heard a filter as musical and nice as the Ms-10's. I love putting drums or pads through the external audio in, it gives such a nice compression to the sound that you can't get with any plugins.

  • Yo, I'll trade a mint condition machinedrum sps1 MK2 UW + Drive. But because i didn't pay 750 dollars for it, more like 1400 euros, could you also make up the difference?

  • actually - i don't think that's a good enough trade.

  • I'll take your word for it.

  • PICS Behindblocks, let me know if you still want it.

    edit: The marks on the keys are from some overhead LED lights, they are not scuffs.

  • Is the Korg MS10 still available?
    I have a Korg MS2000 i would love to trade and i am local also.
    Hit my email @

  • Ah, I had a Korg MS-20 a long time ago...great synth!