London Monomeet?

  • Just spilling out of another thread....

    Do we think there are enough monome users in or around London to justify putting a monomeet together?

  • People travel, a few of us Brits got together with pauk and poorpot who came from Spain and Austria in 2010! Awesome time.

  • i'd be up for this if i could squeeze in some other london stuff at the same time. colour me interested...

    planning on heading over to see a lucien freud exhibition in the not to distant future...

  • I'm happy to head up from Scotland any time for sure!

  • what do we think the cut-off is? how many yes's do we need? 10, 20 maybe?

    3 and counting ;)

  • Wasn't there talk of a 2012 monome community tour?

  • I'm in the northwest (Manchester) but am down south
    for a couple of gigs in May so I'd be up for a meetup.

  • i'll be there

  • I'd love to go depending on the date.

    I don't mean to throw a spanner in the works, but is London the best place for a meet-up? I know it's the capital and all, but it's not exactly central.

    Not that I can offer to organise anywhere central. I'm pretty sure a monomeet in Swansea would crash and burn. I just mean that Birmingham or Nottingham might be more "central".

  • Bring it on. London works best for me. Or Belfast.

  • ho ho i hope this works out, another jam/gig/chat/piss up with some monome lads would be good.

  • Awesome, let's give the thread of couple of days to see who's in, and then we can throw around some dates!

  • i'm in.

    can hire out performance/rehearsal spaces at Brunel Uni if you wanna jam some day dean :).

  • I'm down, just depends on dates. I'm in Paris so it's a bit of a trek, at least for my wallet. I'm in need of a language breather anyway. Have to come up for air and speak and hear my own language, even if you all have funny accents and think a fanny is a vagina.

  • definitely is.

  • must be pretty bizarre to hear Americans say fanny pack, or "smack on the fanny." There is even a loan service run by the govt called Fannie Mae...

    I guess I experience almost the same thing, but not quite as awesome, when I hear french people say Douche.

  • "fag" can cause a bit of confusion. fag being a cigarette around these parts...

    god hates fags to me just sounds like sound life advice.

  • I will maybe be going to london in the end of may. If the timing is right I will of course be in!

  • depending on dates I would love to come again as well!!

  • Ok so this is happening, i propose late summer (although maybe not as late as last time) Can i ask the EU folk when would suit you guys!

    @Myr - sounds awesome mate!
    @Pauk - You MUST be there again!

    Id take time off, or get the time either way so im fine for anytime.

  • I'm definitely in, flexible on times after April.

  • Sounds great!

  • @dgrizzle - your name reminds me to clean my oven! Thanks!

  • i like!

    don't know if i am in europe later this year, but we'll see.

  • sounds cool! i live in oxford so i'll quite likely be up for this depending on dates.