Boiler Room ** Podcast

  • A really nice video podcast from london broadcasting live every tuesday evening @ around 20.30 GMT. Already some nice recordings out there. Photek, Daedelus, J.Rocc, Carl Craig, Mount Kimbie etc.

  • the hudson mohawke, canblaster/dj asma, and rustie sets are some of my all time favorites

  • yeah, good events. worth checking Cherry Stones, Benny Ill, Stingray, 2562/made up sound sets as well. gotta love the sound system in corsica studios.

    let me know if anyone wants to come along to one. got a hook up and can normally get a person in if it's not one of the ridiculously busy nights and I'm heading along to it.

  • boiler room is dope! have been listening a lot and sometimes watching...
    lone, ben ufo, axel boman come to mind instantly but there are many good ones for every taste.
    sadly the recording quality sucks quite often but the concept with the crowd behind is just so good. i hate the voice of the guy though..

    corsica studios is probably my favourite venue ever. small, underground and funktion one everywhere

  • wait, you can get people inside the very limited boiler room myr?
    (my brother just came back from a london stay and would have loved that opportunity, ouch)

  • oh and they are now in LA too (also berlin)

  • one of my all time favorites:
    "David Rodigan ‘Live From’ – RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY PRES. SONARDÔME"