Wanted - unsped shield

  • Looking for an unsped shield pcb in the US. I've whispered back to a previous thread by sandman but am putting this out there in the hopes that someone might have one or two spare unsped pcbs for the arduinome. Short of this perhaps if enough people were interested, a new group buy could be considered. Chronome group buy might also be a possibility as the pcbs files are available but no group buy is planned till May/June from what I've heard. Please post or whisper or email me : monkeymoda (4t) gmail (d0tc0m) if you have 1 or 2 unsped boards you are willing to part with.


  • i might have one or two, i will check tomorrow. let you know

  • Thanks, will check back.

  • im also interested in getting 2 unsped boards if you happen to have an extra two on top of what shimoda is asking for. sessionshunter at gmail

  • COnsidering that I haven't heard back, it may be worth it to think about a group buy. Another person contacted me via email, so perhaps interested parties could post here. I have no experience with group buys, but imagine if we have enough interest, we could figure it out.

  • defiantly interested. I'm looking to build my first arduinome and would rather get an extra that someone has or join a ground instead of having all those extra pcbs that I would get with an order. so ill keep posted

  • It's also pretty easy to make a shield using stripboard - happy to post a diagram or two of what I did if people are interested...

    It's obviously not quite as neat and convenient as the unsped shield, but I found the process of putting it together vastly helped my understanding of the hardware and what all the bits of it were doing, which in turn helps any troubleshooting later.

    I'm also in the middle of putting together a stripboard shield version of the Chronome hardware to use with Sparkfun buttonpad PCBs - will post about it more fully once I've got it up and running.

  • Would be interested in the stripboard info, especially how you would connect it to an arduino uno or the like to use in an arduinome. Main concern is that it seems that good pcb designs are made to reduce noise, crosstalk, etc. Perhaps that is not so much a problem with a microprocessor board, but I am truly not sure what the case would be.

  • I wouldn't mind it also. If I'm not mistaken, I can buy a minimum of 4 shields from 4pcb at $33 a piece, plus another one for free. The gerbers are here on the site, so worst case if I don't find anything in a timely manner I could shell the $132 and you can just buy one or two from me and I could ship them to you.

  • The basic layout I used is in the attached diagrams, adapted/corrected a little from [[http://www.flickr.com/photos/jiparis/3112281038|this one]]. Then all you need to do is run jumpers from necessary pins on the ICs to the relevant Arduino pins. How exactly you choose to do that is kinda up to you - I used some spare space at the bottom of my stripboard to line up the connections (there are 8, plus +V and Gnd) for a ribbon cable. Mine uses a Mega, so the exact pinout probably isn't much use to you...

    I can make an updated diagram with all the external connections marked if that'll help - for now I've just attached the ones I had lying around.

    I'm pretty new to the whole circuit design thing, so can't comment on noise, etc, other to say that mine's been working fine with no noticeable problems.

  • shimoda, I found this little gem. http://batchpcb.com/index.php/Products/24003

  • hey man, i didnt forget, i just cant find it. im in the process of cleaning out all my stuff in my workshop and i think its there. if your still interested let me know.

  • I'll take them if you don't get any other offers. Im looking to build a 128 after I finish my 64.

  • excluding four caps and a resistor, am i missing anything? this is just a breakout board right?

  • Not sure what you mean. The board has wired routing for the hc165 and 164 chips as well as the Max led driver chip. There is also a separate small breakout section on the board for header connectors to the spark fun/bibo/monome keypads. There is at least one single sided pcb layout out there for home etchers that is a good bit lore and a little wider, but I haven't yet tried that one. Managed to get a couple boards. Another option is to order an atmega that has been flashed and 40h style board from bibo. It will be more like the actual 40h wi whatever keypads you get and won't be using an arduinome.

  • Why not just order the unsped shields from the batchpcb site that sessionhunter mentioned? They're $27.50 shipped. What's the difference between these and the ones from 4pcb? Am I missing something?