Extremely cool open source project I am a part of/Soundcloud multitracks/live stream YoutubeHD

  • **300 Acting Spaces**


    All right, I'll give you the links first:


    My bandmate and good friend Alex Gunia has started up a gigantic project. He is going to play/arrange 300 concerts of improvised music. Almost all concerts will be free of charge, they will all be streamed live on the internet
    in 720HD. All concerts will start at exactly 19.30(local time) so it is easy to catch the stream. After the concert is finished it will be uploaded to Youtube within 24 hours. The video recording/stream contains
    5 HD videocameras who are randomly crossfaded between(Looks damn sexy).

    Everything is also recorded in multitrack. All tracks are uploaded to Soundcloud. So you get both the master for listening to, and also all the single tracks for exploring, remixing, sampling, whatever you want (not for commercial use).
    First year is in Oslo, Norway. Then the plan is to go to Berlin/Cologne, Beijing, New York and Tokyo.


    We have 9 kick off concerts and then the grand opening is this saturday.

    On the opening Stian Westerhus (Nils Petter Molv

  • great...

    maybe I can attend, going to be in Norway, Sweden in June.

  • Sounds like it could be extremely cool project, the logistics of it must be quite challenging! I'm looking forward to hearing (& seeing) the performances, zthanks for sharing!

  • really good! I can only imagine the range of musics that will arise...

  • So we start streaming excatly 19.30 norwegian time today!

  • Sounds very cool, can't wait the start tonight!

  • :)

  • This is awesome. The soundcloud page is a sampling goldmine!

  • thanks for sharing!