Arduinome Wiring Diagram

  • Can people have a quick once over on this diagram and see if it looks accurate.

    I'm trying to represent how the wires should be joined in as simple a form as possible, soldering by numbers as it were. But I wanted the diagram double checking before I start using it as a reference for other people.


  • That is super helpful, assuming it is correct. Good work!

  • Looks great to me. Finally a clear diagram!

  • Looks great! Do you mind if we put that on the Brick website since a lot of people reference our site for building?

  • Please feel free to use it with a reference. I'll be adding it to my nomeist build directions and the wiki here as well. I have some additional tweaks to make. But I'm glad it looks good to all - I based it off where I ended up.

    Next up I plan to do an idiots guide to soldering the sparkfun boards and unsped shield.

  • Yay! Something I can understand!

  • Looks great! One thing you might consider: adding an extra clue about which side of the buttonpad pcbs is facing us in the diagram (though you can already figure it out if you're paying attention).

  • wait, so one of the IDC cables flips between the wiring and the board?

  • yeah, i would make the IDC orientation a little clearer.

  • "wait, so one of the IDC cables flips between the wiring and the board?"

    They are on mine, anyone else care to confirm. I'll work on making that clearer.

  • Also for those (like me) putting together their own IDC cables. Can someone confirm which side of the block the letters should be on the shield so that its like the labelling on the breakoff board.

  • Dove can you explain more what you mean, not sure I'm understanding.

  • Sorry, that was a bit unclear. I don't know if it matters but on the diagram for the break out board, the letters for the IDC (QRST) are on the right but on the shield they are just in the middle. Does it matter which way fround the IDC connectors are in relation to the ribbon cable. To be honest its not that clear in my head. Thanks

  • It shouldn't. Your cables


    should match at both ends of the ribbon, what matters is if the ribbon is twisted in which case you'll get


    I try not to think about the way the header piece of plastic is attached, but more focus on the actual ribbon.

    I still need to get those photo's taken and posted as a comparison to the diagram.

  • Totally different question. But I was thinking about this the other day. Can you reverse the way the sparkfun boards are wired together?

    At the moment, you wire the left to the right hand side, and top to bottom. Then in the same hole you just wired you also take a 2nd wire to the break off piece of the unsped shield. Could you in theory take that 2nd wire and wire it off the opposite side of the boards, so it's coming out of holes just by itself and with no secondary wire? (on the diagram you'd take the wires off the bottom edge and the right hand edge - to go to the break off).

    If you could you could in theory have headers on those 4 pin groups and headers on the breakoff and do nice pluggable header connections rather than all the hellish soldering that I hated doing.


  • i was thinking about that the other day, not sure if its possible though, i'll have a look at the boards later. The soldering on the breakout board is by far the hardest part and were most errors occur. There's a thread for someone designing a 8x8 sparkfun board. If they could get rid of the RGB (or do a seperate one for RGB) and have the breakout board included with copper tracks to the appropriate points it'd make building an arduinome so much easier.

  • ill try designing a seperate large breakout board for the rgb panels, with the usage of having 24 4pin jumpers, 6 for each board. then offering monome style connector and connectors for rgb as well.

    its not difficult, but would cost as much as the shield itself as it would be near the same size. so im not sure how much interest there would be.

    i avoided doing this in the past because the cables were cost prohibitive, but seedstudio has become a source of these cables for a good price.

    cables im talking about, you would need 24 of them, however it would support the full rgb breakout.

    im trying to get sparkfun to put edge jumpers on the boards, but who knows if that will ever happen.

  • I ordered a bag of these

    To see If they might help out the wiring. I'll let everyone know how they work. I'd just love to have them on the other side of the board where there is none of the board to board wiring getting in the way.


    thats sorta what i had in mind, its way overkill and huge, but you have 3 sets of 'monome' connectors, one for each color type. and 24 4pins, 6 from each panel.

    you could remove 2 of the 8x2's if you removed the redundancy of buttonpress headers but lose the ability to change colors with a regular 40h logic connection.

  • Yeah just like that, only not RGB. RGB scares me. I'm strictly a monotone kinda guy.

  • Huge bump..... It seems the diagram I linked above is fundamentally flawed. Thanks to black edition, who found the issue. I just opened my arduinome up and to be honest, the diagram doesn't represent what i have at all. I'm somewhat dumbfound as to why I did the diagram that way.

    I'm updating it now, on flickr and on the wiki. If anyone has a local copy they have referenced or posted online, you'll need to update it. The only other place I've seen it was on the bricktable site, I'll email them unless Jordan swings by here.

    Sorry for any confusion I might have caused, Hopefully we'll get this cleared up ASAP.

  • Updated the original flickr posting I had, and the wiki.

    The new one is based on my functioning arduinome, following wires from button boards to breakoff to unsped.

    Sorry again for any confusion this might (and no doubt) has caused.)

  • hey all.

    just a note, jp and my edits represent the same information, but the color scheme is different. to avoid confusion, i think that i should remove my edit...

    i can change the "superimposed" picture version to match jp's new nomenclature...

    i think having a standard of reference is going to make arduinome building easier in the future...

    i would like to make a "definitive guide" to arduinome building...

    does anyone have a favorite free blogspace providing website?

  • I just finished building my arduinome and I managed to get the wiring right after a little trial and error, I could definitely help on a guide to arduinome building. since it seems like everything you need to know is all over the place.

  • well i think that i can get some free blog space on Blogger...

    i guess i will start the process...

    when i have a url for the blog, i will post... please, all, comment on it and let me know how to make things clearer and correct me if i am wrong...

  • "does anyone have a favorite free blogspace providing website?"

    The wiki here !!!!

    Don't add another location that information is stored, tehn put out the welcome mat to the arduinome community.

  • good idea...

    jp, i think that my overlay picture is consistent with my revision of your wiring diagram. i think that in your revision you switched the location of the wiring on the breakoff (as opposed to the headers on the shield)...

    we should make the diagrams consistent...

    what do you want to do? should i change the picture, or do you want to change the diagram?

  • I've been trying to clean up the Arduinome Wiki page and make sure the links are working and up to date. Also, after conversing with Tehn, he has just created a new category here in the forum called "Arduinome" to make Arduinome-specific posts easier to find.

    I had started to construct a Yahoo forum for the Arduinome, but I think it might be best for me to concentrate on the Wiki to consolidate the information that is out there. I won't close the forum, if folks want to use it, though.

  • It's really nice to see all this information starting to come together here. Tehn is awesome for welcoming arduinome here, and it's very appreciated that you're all doing this work now for current and future arduinome builders.

  • I just want to say I am sincerely impressed with everyone here... I think one of the best things I've felt in a long time is helping someone finish building / troubleshooting and then seeing them help 3 other people on the boards...

    i think its best to keep everything local here, and its great to see a dedicated forum section.

    Keep up the good work everyone, its really inspiring.

  • Just an odd question, does any wiring diagram/schematic exist supposing you wanted to breadboard your own arduinome?

  • I want the same thing. Unsped's original blog shows his breadboarded prototype. I'd love to get that diagram/schematic to study before I spend money on the parts list. Funds are next to nothing, and I've never done anything like this before.

  • I put a couple of diagrams for the breadboard on [[|this thread]] - I'll try and put up a better one with all the IC-to-Arduino connections marked out as soon as I can. (Unfortunately a new job and attempting to move house has rather cut down on my fun project time!)