A couple of tracks from my band feat Monome / Molar

  • I finally got round to updating the MySpace with some recent demos I've come up with with my band Circastate. I use Molar primarily as a live loop sampler / mangler, apart from that I use a korg padkontrol for drums, basslines and samples and a korg microkontrol for controling scene changes in ableton and adding various stutters and such. I generally have a double bass player and guitarist playing with me.

    The two tracks featuring monome are Stack Rush DEMO and Warrants no Warranty DEMO, although many more will come.


    I'd love to know what people think.

  • very cool! listening to stack rush demo: its like some hollow plastic bottles or something ur using? the singing is weird and adds a weird dissonance! I like positive poles a lot tho :)

  • Awesome tracks. Vocals seem Radiohead influenced which is a compliment. I like it. Great to hear innovative stuff like this is being created with Molar. Gives me more motivation to stick with it.

  • Thanks, molar really is great and getting better all the time. Really its the full integration with ableton that I find invaluable.

    @t1mp - The sounds on stack rush are mostly sampled with my Edirol R09 and include the cheesy percussion sounds from my 1950s electric organ, a stack of cds being dropped and tapping percussion parts on my guitar through a fender valve amp with spring reverb. Also the synth parts are played live on my padkontrol - a favorite trick of mine because I am terrible at keyboards.

  • seriously good stuff man!
    good noise good glitches rad voices.....
    keep it up

  • Cheers, that especially means a lot since edison was the name of my childhood dog so I feel a little bit like he is listening to my tunes from beyond the grave and telling me what he thinks on the newly installed dog heaven broadband connection... you never know.