Hit Record/Get Rich app for Monome/Arc

  • Quick Start:

    Open up the file (http://2media.nowpublic.net/images//56/7d/567d4330074c3b1bfe5065581ea096db.jpg) in Max 7 and press buttons. Skrillex and Deamau5 used the beta of this app to make hit music. Deadmau5 used it on that one song where the kickdrum plays over and over and over and Skrillex uses it on that one where the bass sounds like if you put your ear up to a glass that has a mosquito trapped in it.


  • You laugh, but I actually built it. Been debating for weeks whether to release the thing, 'cause I rather liked having a music industry. But I guess the cat's out of the bag now.



  • @ gtz:
    nerd-style, but nice
    seems to fit in this forum quite well ^^

  • Is there a dubstep button or anything LessThanZero? I cant get it to work with my launchpad. This app made my Arc8's knobs spin so fast, they flew off the device.

  • Your launchpad should run up to speed with the new firmware update, but I can't help with those knobs spinning off. You should be wearing protective goggles anyway.

  • http://i.imgur.com/n9zaQ.gif

  • http://www.dzmitrysamal.com/en/collection.html