Touchmonome & Mlrv2 Jam


    This is a quick little jam on a set I'm putting together. Video quality isn't great but the audio quality is ok. Touchmonome is pretty fun and it'll have to work for the next few weeks before I get my 128.

  • Nice jam dude!

  • Thanks! I figured no one would watch the video because I'm using touchmonome.

  • Great work! Love the samples used!

  • If anything props for pulling of the beat juggling parts on an iPad without messing up. I know they're not overly complicated maneuvers but I think about my own struggles tweaking parameters on my iPad for some other apps. I never tried or even knew of touchnome, but I'm certain my results would be frustratingly clumsy.

  • its so difficult using that thing. i couldnt manage anything like this if i tried. props for your well played jam.

    also nice job incroporating what sounds like Link grunts. made me smile when i heard them.

  • Thanks! There are some Zelda samples there, I used the n64 controller to "play" some loops. Touchmonome is actually really easy to use JKnights did an awesome job. LED feedback is a little iffy sometimes but that could be because of my slow computer. I wish there was a 64 version I could use without M4L, it seems like it would be easy to modify but I only have Max Runtime.

  • Nice demo ! Any chance you would explain me how to set up my ipad like you ? Hours of diggin but it seems I missed a point...


    That's the link to the TouchMonome discussion. You'll find some walkthroughs and tips on how to use the app.