Sending serialOSC commands

  • Hi I'm struggling to understand how to send the serialOSC commands as detailed in:

    I'm trying to change the prefix to use mash, but I haven't had any luck all evening.

  • mash is not a serialosc application yet.. it will be in mash2

    you'll need to use the serialosc bridge app with it.

    otherwise with serialosc apps they have a 'connect' button which changes the prefix of your monome and sets ports automatically..

  • ahh I see, makes more sense now.
    Thanks for the help can't wait to get started with mash now, looks like a seriously awesome app!

  • I am kinda having the same issue with I would like to use /sys/rotation i , but I have no idea how or where to issue this command. :( Do I do it in a terminal somehow? Some app or shell running in Max? I've been searching for weeks. There seems to be some info missing about it that neither Google nor the search here can find. I am RTFMing, I swear! :) I think I have a very basic misunderstanding about a fundamental detail. Yet I've been using several apps and it's all going well.



  • you can do it from within a max app, im not sure how you would do it in a terminal, but im sure that would work too. Its a matter of sending the right message to the right port, unless im much mistaken?

  • It's funny the only thing I've really done in max/maxforlive is to add rotation capabilities to existing patches. To do this you just need to send your

    /sys/rotation i

    to the top inlit of the serialosc bpatcher

  • isn't there a .conf file somewhere too where one can change the rotation?

    from artfwo, when i asked a similar question in his griddle thread:

    "yep, you can either edit your a40h-xxxx.conf in the serialosc configuration directory or send a /sys/rotation message to the monome once."

    i have no idea where that "serialosc configuration directory" is (on windows), but i'd like to just change the configuration rather than rotate every time i start up

    i looked through this thread and still couldn't figure it out:

  • @jamphandan:

    it'll depend on your version of windows.

    xp: C:\Documents and Settings\{you}\Application Data\Monome\serialosc
    vista/7: C:\Users\{you}\AppData\Local\Monome\serialosc

    unplug your monome, edit the file, save/close it, and plug the monome back in.

  • coulda sworn i looked there (i have xp)...i'll check again. thanks visinin.

  • @visinin

    A quick question about the libmonome.dll you posted back in October as well as ongoing serialosc development.

    Was that libmonome supposed to allow serialosc communication for all arduinos (i.e. the newer unos) or just duemilanoves with ftdi chips?
    You've mentioned that you are still working on an updated serialosc, for which I am thankful. Is it possible that it will natively be able to support arduino uno (with the atmega chip) on windows?

  • @lokey. Totally. But if one is neither a Max programmer nor any other type of programmer - barely into scripting - as I am, how does one go about it? Seems that it would make sense that there would be an app/shell/thing out there that did this direct communication with serialOSC? I feel like everyone is talking about sending serialOSC commands as if it were as easy as breathing, but no discussion and no steps to do so. Not complaining, just trying to get an idea of how to interpret what I'm reading, yeah?

  • @philpet

    You just want an app that rotates the orientation of your 'nome so the cable ain't on the left?

  • Actually, I am with philpet on here. It would be lovely if there would be anyone willing to sort of write a brief tutorial on how to use these protocols, or maybe have an arranged discussion on the IRC sometime. It would be lovely to come up with different ways to implement these protocols. Yes, we'll have to learn some programming/scripting, but knowing how to send/what, would make this step easier to swallow and to diagnose.

  • I am down with helping out with a "monome for dummies" or something like that. I am no expert, but I think I have an idea or two about the subject.

    Also, looks like there was a at one time. 500 Internal Server Error now.

  • Same problem here... i use "Pages" with serialosc.
    Now i find no file in
    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{you}\Application Data\Monome\serialosc

    The only file in \Application Data is :

    in the .txt:   @