Anyone running OhmRgb and Mlrv2 successfully?

  • I would like to try one of the livid controllers out but it's hard to find reliable information concerning their performance with mlrv2 or mlr. If anyone has tested a block, ohm, or ohmrgb with any monome application, feel free to chime in. What do the instruments feel like?

  • There was some talk of the livid "feel" in another thread recently.

    Meanwhile, if an app isn't designed with RGB in mind, you're sort of on your own to implement color. The difference in price is probably worth it if you're developing your own stuff, or at least comfortable hacking new features into existing apps. But simply emulating monome apps, you might as well go with the block or ohm.

    mlrv2 is probably better with ohm than mlr is, because it supports mapping MIDI CCs to various controls. meaning, the knobs and dials might actually see use.

    That's all speculation, mind you. I can't speak firsthand.

  • I own a Ohm64 and tried several monome applications via "Mononome Bridge". I've been able to run several non-serialosc applications with this emulation.... Can't really remember which apps I tried that time, but I'm sure that I've been able to run dj64, 64step, mlrV (with CC mapping to knobs;), different mlr mods and polygome on winXP sp3 and OSX 10.4.8 without any problems.
    The hardware itself is solid...good knobs, good faders....imo.
    The pads are larger. All in all it's not as nice as a monome ;)

    Monome Bridge can be found here:

    Monome Bridge Direct Links:

    Livid Block and mlrV:

  • Thanks. I've seen that video and have been reading about Monome bridge. When you say it's not as nice as a monome, what do you mean exactly? Is it the way the buttons feel?

  • If you are using livid stuff and having any trouble with monomebridge, and are running Ableton Live, try (monomodular). The guy behind this works for livid and is doing several scripts for livid stuff that work quite well.

  • I had a block for a while and didn't like the feel of the buttons that much. Although they were larger than those on my gs64, I found them less easy to move around... And I'm not a nimble fingered kind of guy so I was expecting the larger scale to work in my favor.

    But the buttons didn't feel as nice under my fingers, like they were tacky somehow, and required a deal more of a press than my gs needs. I actually preferred the way the pads on my mate's APC40 felt to the way the buttons on the block were.

    That said, it was an older block - one of the ones with the wood on all 4 sides... The newer models might be better.

  • i have a block and i can't really imagine it being any easier to use monome programs. the setup is basically instantaneous.

  • @ cropsie

    sorry for the late reply.
    "All in all it's not as nice as a monome" > sorry, that was just a stupid personal opinion, according to button feel, unit+button size, versatility and philosophy.
    I appreciate the knobs and faders on the ohm64 very much but I also prefer that more buttons are fitted into a smaller space on a monome and I also like the monome button feel more than the Livid buttons.
    Therefore I use a combination of ohm and monome for my live setup ;)
    i think at least both are very nice units. it depends on which feel and which controls you prefer, and what you're about to use it for. If you're about to run mlr/mlrV/ableton and like the button feel I think you'll be happy with a livid unit, but if you'd like to play around with serialosc apps and other stuff it won't be the right choice imo.

  • Anyone interested on Live Livid RGB remote scripts?


  • Where's the script to map the 8 knobs on the top left of the RGB? On page 1, in which you can launch clips, I don't find the 8 knobs mapped to sends very useful in a live setting. I'd rather have them mapped to my device racks, as they are on page 2. Any idea how to do this?