LED recommendations Request - Your thoughts

  • I'm looking at two possibilities for my arduinome build with two monome keypad kits. Not really sure how luminous they need to be but these yellow are >1000mcd, the white are >5000mcd (and much more expensive)


    $25.20 for 140 of em (a dozen spares)


    $40.60 for the same 140. >50% more expensive.

    Looking for thoughts on brightness levels and user preferences for yellow vs white as far as aesthetics. This may eventually be mixed with a monome monome with orange leds for a two tone split 256.

  • Trying to order in the next day or so, any thoughts?

  • I'd say go for max brightness - you can always adjust down in software later, but if you get ones which are too dim it might be a constant annoyance after that. Also, I'd choose the white colour over yellow, but that's obviously just personal preference.

    The flip-side is that it might be nice to make your own personal project a little bit individual by doing something more interesting colour-wise than just white. But totally up to you.

  • Do a search here. Get ones with as wide a viewing angle as possible. Don't get the brightest you can get.

  • Yeah, I've searched here. Most lead to jameco value pro or kingbright which come highly recommended. The white ones just happen to be bright, though I worry too bright. I'm tempted for blue but not sure about finding good viewing angle.

    Though surely I need more than 4 mcd: (lol)


    thoughts as to whether THIS might work:


  • more info here, in case you didn't spot this:


  • Yeah, I read that. I'm thinking I'll probably go with the blue ones I posted above. > 1000mcd so in the proper range and 60 degree viewing seems pretty decent. Reasonable price as well. ~35 for 140. Thanks for the input. Going to probably house this in a case made from exotic wood scraps (many kinds) I've had sitting around for a while. Also time to make a case for the arduinome 64 (sparkfun) I bought and finally have working with a duemilanove. (Can't get mlr to make sound still!!!!)

  • it'll all be worth it! :)

  • glad you're moving along shimoda

    i'm happy with my yellow ones but my girlfriend thinks they're ugly, haha

    (matter of taste, you've done your homework, yadda yadda)

  • some pics from my arduinome build. we did everything wrong, 128 leds in backwards, ribbon cables back to front etc etc etc.

    came out sweet in the end though!

  • " we did everything wrong "

    that's part of the fun!

    (or at least what i keep telling myself)

  • @tini

    I've looked at those funny pics several times now. In some pics you look like a different person.

    I decided to spring for the monome kit keypads as tehn had some available (though I think they've since been sold out). Just received them a couple of weeks ago. Too bad monome kit logic boards weren't still available. I would have liked to go that route as it would have made 128 stuff easier. Since I have someone else with a 128 arduinome build, have you had any problems with serialosc and doing offsets. I thought I'd read about setting this up somewhere but can't seem to find it.

    Also, I think after looking at the schematics I think the arduinome breakout for the unsped shield has the same pinouts for the 16 pin connectors as the monome kit. Hopefully it will be simple to hook up. Just wanted to know if you were using serialosc.