buzzing/grounding issue?

  • this is more of a general tech problem.

    i played a show last night and i've found that there is a high pitched buzzing noise whenever i play on most sound systems. at first i thought it was because i wasn't using an audio interface, but last night i used an interface and there's still the same problem.

    here's an example my ridiculous buzzing noise from the monomemeet's external recording:

    i'm still on the windows laptop. last night the buzzing decreased when i took the power cord to my laptop out, but it still was present whenever there was silence. anyone know what this may be and how i can fix it?

  • does your audiocard support balanced outs?

  • hmmm yes it does, 1/4" is balanced on the fast track pro. i've been using the rca outs and they are unbalanced.

  • waaaaaiiiit a minute. i also think i made the mistake last night of putting my balance hard right when asked to increase my levels from the sound guy.

  • could be a "ground loop", i used to have this with an old laptop about 6 years ago probably. i used a "ground lift", small grey plug that essentially removes the ground prong in a 3 prong plug and makes it a 2 prong plug. supposedly not the safest solution but i never had an issue.

    edit: easy way to test is to disconnect your laptop power supply so you're running on batteries and see if the noise goes away.

  • next time use the 1/4 balanced outs, this will solve the issue.

  • this cheapy box works perfect for me

  • i just now ordered mine, enough was enough. i have a show in philly to play tonight and i thought that music/electronic stores carried these isolators in stock but i was super wrong. i only found two places that sold them in all of delaware and they were both over $100. got the behringer ^^ and a cheapy one for $37 shipped.

    but @phortran that does seem to be the least costly fix. i've heard warnings of shock that could arise.

    and the problem is that i don't have any speakers that produce this hum so it depends on the venue i play and whether or not their di box has the ground lift. this venue tonight i know doesn't, so i'm in for a buzzy mess.

    and it seems to be an internal grounding problem as well. taking the power cord out removes the noise about 40% and things like brightness, using the mouse pad and loading programs affect the noise as well

  • where's the show in Philly tonight?

  • Kung fu necktie. Upstairs area going on at 10:30ish. Free and 21+

  • there is an upstairs at Kung Fu Necktie?

  • There is a Kung-Fu Necktie? (*I haven't lived in Philly for 10yrs)

  • It is in fishtown, which is now the most hip area of town now. 10 years ago there would have been no reason to go north of girard.