"ad_rewire: Error starting audio. Is ReWire mixer running?"

  • I get this error message every time I try to rewire mlrv2 into Logic or Ableton. I start the ReWire host before Max 5 and in mlrv2 I disable the dac, select ad_rewire and then press the rewire button in mlrv2's setup page.

    I'm pretty stumped. I was using the touchmonome/max5 setup with an iPad and I never had this issue. Could Serialosc be causing this? I'm using the monomeserial bridge application. Thanks for any help.

  • have you set ad_rewire as the audio driver in the max dsp window?

  • Try to start ALL your rewire aware apps one by one and only one at a time. Then try to start logic => mlrv again. If it doesn't work, reinstall rewire. Let me know if this is any help.

    I've sometimes run in to problems with updated apps confuses the rewire registration.

  • came across this thread while searching around, here's what worked for me.
    had this problem while trying to turn audio on in meadowphysics / teletype synth .
    sometimes i have mlrv 2.4+ routed to use rewire with ableton. even if mlrv isn't running, whatever i had it set to last determines what max runtime will try to do.
    so as a fix, i launch mlrv, goto setup, and change from ad_rewire back to core audio. close out of mlrv, and then i can run standalone audio as desired in teletype.
    i would imagine this works with any max app that allows you to pick the audio preferences, and if i think it's just a simple option in any app if running full max instead of just runtime

  • indeed - if you install the full max6 package (not runtime only), you can run a small abstraction called "dsp_options.maxpat" in the max folder somewhere. this lets you change the dsp settings for max regardless of application.