[M4L app] Live Clip Chopper

  • Damn straight. This is the one thing that is really holding m4l back in my eyes. I cant understand why a simple "jump to 'x' in selected clip" is so difficult. It cant be much more for the program to handle than a loop bracket, or start position surely? The move playing_pos function seems a ridiculous compromise as you have to know a micro-second accurate current position to get it working which seems far more work than a "jump to 'x'" would be.

    I honestly think that if we could get this one function, the number of Live users who see youtube and vimeo clips of people doing this with monomes, launchpads, apcs e.t.c. would create a big bump in m4l sales.

    Or not? they'll never find out unless they do it!

  • i started spamming the ableton forums again:


    perhaps it's worth a shot to continue bumping the thread so ableton/cycling can see there's still interest?

  • i threw in my million

  • i believe the issue with the 'jump to x' approach is that in order for the jump to not phase the clip playback, you still would need sub-ms timing, which is where m4l breaks down (as it always gets the shaft in favour of active live processes, as i understand). Still, needs to be sorted...off to don my pucklermuskau identity and go chat up the live forum...

  • Long shot, but is it possible move playing position might be a feature in Live 9? Might Ableton have taken these ideas and planned a big draw for Live 9, capitalizing on the boom of mlr-mind?

    Or is it that m4l isn't yet integrated too well and they're working on it?

    edit: Can you tell I'm bored?

  • http://createdigitalmusic.com/2011/02/ableton-delivers-max-for-live-improvements-and-guidelines-responds-to-feedback-full-details/#more-16703

    Cant see any immediate improvements in this specific area, but improvements none the less.


  • Damn, it's about time! Glad to see some improvements are finally being made to Live/M4L APIs and (hopefully) interaction.

    I agree that it's time to start pushing to get the issues brought up in this thread addressed. In particular I'd love to see tighter, CONSISTENT timing for M4L devices, though I suspect that might be a more fundamental issue and thus something we're unlikely to see a fix for in the immediate future.

  • Can someone port this to serial osc compatible?

  • @watson
    i'll try and have a version out by the end of the week.
    got hella work at the moment, but i'll see what i can do.

  • that would be splendid. thanks so much - i'm not in a hurry.

  • Any luck, Myr?

  • ah, sorry man.

    still busy with work... by that i mean avoiding writing essays by continually going on the forum and looking at posts.

    realistically though if i start max patching these essays will never get done. i'll be all done, for the moment, this friday though. so i'll have time over the weekend to get back to patching and be able to leave the house and all of these books on Stockhausen. freedom!

  • Great! I have a gig on Aug. 2 that I'd like to use it for.

  • also bumped the ableton forum re: tightening move playing position


  • Clip Chopper update...where are you?

    Load it and go. This is my most used patch even though it crashes my set every time. I know you are probably very busy but please post when you can.

    Thanks for the fun,


  • With the new m4l update it's going to take a while to convert all my low level to utilise the new functions. No time at the moment. Hopefully over the summer break.

    For what I've been doing recently Ableton hasn't been flexible enough. So, I've been working on this:

    1276 x 778 - 366K
  • Man that's too bad. It is really among the best M4L apps and so flexible. MLR is really great but I don't like to set my loops up ahead of time. I'll have to make due then...thanks for the reply.



    Is that a standalone max app?

  • Myr, How about if all us fans of the patch chip in for a donation to you to aid the motivation for a serial osc update?

  • I am so down with that idea. How much and where can we send it?


  • I'd pitch in.

  • I'm in too.

  • No pressure... But I'm in too !

  • @myr

    your 'environment' app looks fantastic! will you be releasing any details soon? ie. what are the systems specs required to use it? max runtime?

  • wow! i didn't realise there was so much demand for an update.

    realistically i'm not going to have any time to work on it until i've finished my last exam on the 18th of may. after that i'd be happy to work on a new version.

    donations are welcome and would give me an incentive to stop working on my other project. don't feel it would be right to specify an amount. if you do want to donate anything at all then my paypal is james@waterworth.org.uk

    cheers! it's a max patch using all native max objects, so it runs on any system and max runtime. made to be a versatile set of live performance tools housed in a modular 'envrionment'.

    it's currently not linked to any controllers though. i'm getting all the underlying functionality solid then i'm going to build a module for connecting hardware controllers with some mappings set up for monome, arc and a few other devices i use. i'm trying to build it in a way that would make it easy for others to write their own apps though.

  • @myr
    thanks for the info...will definitely keep my eye out for any progress on 'environment'. no pressures dude ;-)

    like everyone else, i'm just hoping ableton & cycling can work their integration magic...so LCC can be the patch that unites them all :) lol!

  • Thank you! Going there now to make a donation. Ever since it came out the LCC has been the focal point of my beat building and parting with it has been hard since the Live updates. So thanks again for your time and imagination.


  • Just bumpin' the post.

    Everyone who is is interested in ClipChopper please let Myr know how you feel about this awesome patch.


  • Just finished my last exam!

    So, I've now got some time to work on it... after I've got some sleep.

  • pull a pint from my contrib!

  • @Myr: Envirenoment looks nice :)

    Ps: possible serialosc support for LCC ?


  • oo. oo. oo.

  • @rud

    here it is, dont think the wiki's been updated...

  • Bumping for news.

    Also I have been playing with the drumrack app. Great work!

    Thanks again

  • @ Redoom

    coming along quite nicely :). haven't worked with m4l for a while, getting used to it again. also, since building my own app in max i've been having a big rethink of how i deal with everything.

    going through quite a lot of boring details like trying to collect and store all the live ids in a better way, and working out where to have the live objects.

    looks like it's going to end up being a couple of devices, one that collects and stores all the live ids for the whole set. then you can drop in satellite apps that are all self contained. so now you'll be able to drop in any number of Clip Choppers, Clip Launchers, Mixer Controls, and Device Controls, having each look at separate things or parts of the session.

    but as i said, still working on all the boring innards, i'll post something up when i get it solid and start linking it up to some cool new functions on the monome.

  • This is exciting news. Looking forward to see what you put together.

  • @Chili
    I am also looking forward to more work via vids from you. Fantastic stuff.


  • @ Redoom

    Thanks homie - I do need to upload a new video. Thanks for the push. I've been busy playing live and recording. New stuff is on the way!

  • Jus bumpin' for news


  • Would any of you know why clip chopper crashes in my live set in windows 7?

    I have everything updated and other m4l patches work fine but not that one.


  • HEY Check out my Live Clip Chopper Tutorial

  • For those interested, I just updated my minimal clip chopper patch with SerialOSC support, along with a couple of optimizations. My version allows simple chopping of the first n channels in a Live set (where n=8 or 16 depending on the size of your monome).

    Monome size is now automatically set when the SerialOSC connection is established, and monomes of arbitrary size can be "hot swapped" in and out without stopping the set. SerialOSC is awesome like that.

    One additional note: I totally understand the desire to have Myr update his version of the patch to support SerialOSC, but I think the proposed donations are starting to get into murky territory. As the author of much of the core chopping and pattern recorder code (the latter of which was largely based on MLRV), I personally consider it very important to keep all related patches free in keeping with spirit of the monome community. Obviously there was no solicitation of funds here, but I want to bring it up now just to make my perspective clear. I'm going to look into adding some kind of GNU-esque license text to my patches from here on out just to make sure they don't end up in pay-for-play software.

  • thanks nonagon! Sounds like a useful update!

    On your subnote topic: please correct me if i'm wrong, but their does seem to be a distinction between paying for access to the patch, and paying someone to create the patch in the first place, is there not? It seems to me that the latter is basically a form of micro-patronage that would only encourage the creation of freely available patches? As long as the patch itself is made freely available, then paying or donating to someones efforts in creating it in the first place seems completely above-board, and would be permissible even under a gnu-type license?

  • @lokey you're totally right. My vague use of "murky territory" was intended to convey a worry that the path from donation-ware to pay-ware can be a short and slippery one, and I wanted to express my opinion on the matter long before it could ever actually become an issue.

    Also, full respect to Myr! I want to make sure I don't come off as attacking him or his patch. Dude has done an awesome job and contributed great things to the monome community. With any luck the SerialOSC update will happen soon =).

  • Haven't heard from Myr on this in a while. I love this patch/app and would really love if any kind of reverse function could be added.

  • Hey there, I'm using live_clip_chopper r35 with pages 0.2.2a35
    but the bottom right button which actives "function rows" in live_clip_chopper will not work, since it acts as the page selection button in pages.

    Any ideas how to work around this problem?

  • was wondering if anyone can help me. trying out LCC, and everything seems to work okay, except that the "red box" (the LiveOSC component) lags a lot when i move between scenes.

    the lag always starts after the first button press to switch scenes, and builds up the more presses i do. e.g. if i am at scene 1, then press the down button to go to scene 2, the red box moves in time. but if i want to go from scene 1 to 4, that's 3 presses, and any succeeding presses after the first will cause the red box to lag - it will move only a few seconds afterwards. the more presses i do, the worse the lag. the lag happens in any direction (up/down). also, this happens whether i press the button on the monome, or click the down arrow on the GUI itself.

    i tried with other apps that use the LiveOSC red box (pages, clip launcher) and there are no lags whatsoever.

    note that only the visual red box is lagging. there is no problem with the functionality of LCC itself.

    tried with LCC r34, r34-lite, and r35 (serialosc)

    thanks in advance!

  • Im using 9gon's r25 lcc version because i want the app as light as possible. It's great but i would like to hard-map the pattern recorders to the monome's lowest row. Can anyone give a quick tutorialon how to edit this in m4l ? No experience with max but i can read code in general (by no means an expert).

    I am now looking at the patcher view of the app. I guess what i need to know is the name of the object/s that would allow me to map the buttons to the respective pattern recorders.

    Thanks !

  • Try the route object.

  • thanks dean! i didn't need to use the route object but it was the crucial piece of the puzzle.

    so yes, i figured it out, hurrah! almost done, only missing is the led feedback.

    wow i learned some max today.. feels amazing. i had no idea how much fun it can be!