taking a long break from shows, gonna try and make this last one good

  • yeo

    i'm gonna stop playing shows for a good while. i gotta take time off the live shows to get my production game up, build some buzz so i can pack a venue a bit better than what i've been doing locally.

    this one's in philly; all the deets are available at this facebook event:


  • i like your live game. i'm still just blown away by the awesomeness from the monomeet. lookin' forward to your new tunes!

  • bawmp, for those interested and nearby. it's a pay-to-play so there's still several tickets that I need to get off my hands to be mailed.

    set up has been continually changing; i'm gonna try to debut the midifighter 3d with mlrv2 along with the nanokontrol (mpd is out of commission currently as it's no longer sending midi :( )