new drum break collection...

  • everyone!... been hard at work this week... here are some tools for you beat-makers out there... custom edison breaks! 38 breaks in all, made and played by me... gross disgusting and crunchy drums...
    holler at meh.....

  • Awesome! Thx doooooooooooooooooood!!!!

  • thanks dude!

  • these are huuuuge, thanks for sharing!!

  • hot dang!

  • hot boing!

  • Thanks for these, great stuff

  • hey edison, I went to get this because I finally had some spare cash, but it says I can't because of something with paypal, "The artist has not yet completed the steps necessary to accept payments."

  • yo bro!
    sorry about that...
    all is fixed now...
    my paypal has been super wonky....
    had to just set up a new one..
    holler sauce!!!

  • Looks like somebody is about to be my new Funky Drummer. Sick set my friend. I'm gonna be sure to cop this immediately after 15 dollars isn't considered vital gas money. Should be soon enough. Thanks!

  • thanks dudes!

  • all bought and paid for..
    Sounding amazing...
    Keep em coming!

  • Thanks Willcarter for bringing this thread back ( missed it the first time ), and big ups to Edison for the rugged drumz..... I also bought without even thinking about it.

    BTW more vids from you would also rock. Kepp stingin' em dude.