traktor64 0.5

  • working on it right now.

    major job getting the djfx working as two separate decks but im getting there!
    having lots of fun along the way ;)

  • okay that wasn't soooo hard.

    i few things have been lost: loop lengths and volume faders.

    you're gonna have to set up traktor as an external mixer and you will also need some audio routing thingy like soundflower or jack. Set up deck A to output on channels 0+1 and deck B to 2+3.
    then set your input in max as the soundflower (or whatever you're using).

    some of you might be able to get it working, if not then let me know and i'll try and help out!

    if you've used dj64 before then you should know what's going on. the center strip is effects. hold a button in that strip and hit some other buttons!


  • hey dovemouse

    great idea!

    do i need the "traktor scratch" or does your app work also just with the cheeper "traktor duo"?

    >i'm thinking of to perform with 2 real vinyl decks aswell as 2 channels with traktor, controlled with a 40h...

    thanks for your support!

  • I'm not sure what version of traktor is needed. I'll do some
    digging. If anyone knows then let me know!!

    Meanwhile, I should be pushig an update today that will allow faders, filters and maybe a file browser...finally!

  • okay here's a new version. added filters and set it up to have loads more pages.
    the page switches are down the right hand side just 2 at the moment.]

    in the last one it was probably a pain to set up the audio routing into max. i've now added a drop down box to set the input.

  • okay guys,
    i'm ready to add the browser now.

    any ideas on how to best go about it? what are you habits etc?

  • i usually traktor in full-screen, so a simple toggle of the browser (magnifying glass) would be ideal...

    is there a simpler way to map the buttons to traktor?
    i have manually added X-fade and play/pause for A and B,
    but have hesitated to continue on manually with the hopes
    that there was some sort of way to do it automatically.

    thanks for building this, dove'm.
    it has already added a new element to
    blaring music from my mod!

  • @dovemouse

    i've got traktor 1.21 on mac osx 10.5.8

    is the TSI file supposed to be PRE-mapped?
    (i.e. are the buttons supposed to already be programmed?)


    are we to manually program it?

    i'm getting the giant cross when i open up trak, but when i upload the .tsi, it is completely blank in traktor, and the buttons don't do a thing... help?

  • BUMP


    i've figured out we are to do the manual programming,
    but still wanted to know if there are new developments.

    lookingforward to doing some DJ work this semester.

    let me know!

  • @maersk's edited primary comment/threadstarter.

    there is no wiki on this app.

    i'd love to help you build/improve it tho!

  • Bump in case somebody tried to test this app with traktor pro2 on win7.
    I don't know whether it's not supposed to work at all, or I am doing something wrong.

    Traktor Pro 2.1.2
    Max/Msp 5.1.0

    Running monomeserial (bridge) with /trak prefix
    running traktor64 0.5

    On Traktor controller manager I have selected the tracktor64-Generic MIDI
    with in/out ports on my virtual loopMIDI channel.
    I have selected the same virtual loopMIDI channel in traktor64 patch

    the problem is that I don't get any midi information inside Traktor
    (on monome button presses, the CTRL light on Traktor won't light up)

    Maybe this .tsi file was written for an older version of Traktor? (This topic has been dead for too long)
    Maybe there are changes need to be done inside the traktor64 patch?
    Maybe it won't work at all with serialosc/monomeserial(bridge) and it needs the actual (old) monomeserial?

    If anyone has dug into this, please shed some light! :)

  • bump for info?

  • i'm trying to map everything i can :)
    The first page contains basic controls like play/hotcues/volumes/monitor etc..
    and I'm trying to set up a second page with EQs/kills but i realized that when i switch to page 1, some buttons don't light up as they were supposed to, and when i return to page2 all the EQfaders i've set up are back to zero.

    I've checked the Soft Takeover in traktor, but still the problem persists...
    Now I'm taking a look at the insanity patch (max 5.1) but i'm not very familiar with max :/

  • great thread. anyone tried just setting up a 64 to control the remix decks only? im starting to do it with little progess. It is very possible though.