FS: 256 Jan 2011 edition

  • I have decided to sell my 256 in order to finance the purchase of an arc2 and a 64.

    Bought this directly from Monome in December.

    I bought it with a couple of cosmetic flaws: a small knot that was filled at Monome and hairline cracks on two of the corners, which are barely noticeable. These flaws are simply cosmetic, the enclosure is rock solid and the unit is 100% functional.

    I am asking $1100 + shipping. I am in New York state.

    I am open to trades which include an arc2 or walnut or greyscale 64.

  • Would you trade for a kontrol s4 and some money

  • Thanks for the interest, but no..I'm committed to monome ..

  • would you be interested in trade for a 2011 walnut 128+$?
    email me : benward75 AT me DOT com

  • Thanks anyway for your interest r1v, but I'm looking to finance a grid and arc, so I would probably need a 64 + cash or an arc + cash for that matter...

    This is still available..

  • pictures of the flaws maybe?

  • pics coming..

  • still available?

  • Yes..this is still available for sale or trade combo.

    I am in FL on vacation, but I will post pics when I get back (probably Monday).

  • Here are some pics...

    I put it up on ebay if you are interested...



    640 x 415 - 47K
    640 x 426 - 38K
    640 x 448 - 52K
  • and some more..

    640 x 426 - 36K
    640 x 426 - 49K
  • bump..

    this is still available..

    auction ends monday. take a look-see..

  • bump..

    auction ends tomorrow...

  • i have a GS64 and a new iPad 64gb...interested?

  • sorry aPre...it sold yesterday...

  • haha damn...thanks tho!