Are there any frame by frame animation apps out there?

  • I've tried looking around for a while to see if there's anything like this but I've had no luck, bar Shado ( which I couldn't get to work and goes way over my head.

    All I really want is a way to light the LEDs I need frame by frame and then a playback button to create little animation sequences. Is this possible? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new to the scene (as of today in fact!)


  • I was thinking about creating a very similar app last night in max. Watch this space.

    Oh, and welcome ;)

  • this, sortof

    monomeserial / chuck is no longer well supported however

  • Someone needs to hit this with some variable brightness action...

  • i'd dare to say chuck is dead

  • tehn, one of the things on my list is to see what would be involved in getting chuck to use serialosc -- i'm quite taken with chuck. (though i did just buy max 6, which is likely to be a distraction.)

    i assume you mean chuck is dead with respect to the monome -- or do you mean that chuck as a language is dead?

  • Chuck's dead? But I saw him just last...

    Sorry. I'll get my coat...

  • chuck was and still is the hardest thing ive ever got to somewhat kinda run patches..... however there are many chuck patcehs i wanted to try : (

  • We can't be too disappointed. NBC gave it five seasons; the ratings just never picked up.

  • @all - i didn't mean chuck per se, but it would be nice to see someone make some kind of "animation" patch and put the variable brightness functionality of recent nomes through it's paces...

  • chuck lives! at least in my house. chuck renaissance. watch out.

    @bens, chuck + serialosc, yeah! i asked about it here a while back ( ) but yeah, it will take some sleuthing. if you ever feel like taking it on, i am right there, screaming with the foam number one hand.

  • Thanks for the replies! I had tried using chuck before but didn't have any luck actually getting it working, I might have to try again this weekend.

    Though more than anything having a specific app for this sort of thing would be really nice, I'm surprised it hadn't been done already to be honest! Dean, I hope you can figure something out!

  • hey teku - i actually almost finished making this in chuck last week..! i got hung up on a final piece though, so i've been taking a break.

    i too yearned for this sort of thing when i first got my monome so i think it will be cool. speaking of yearning,

    tea knee is dead on re:variable brightness. would be perfect for onion skinning (seeing multiple frames at the same time). alas, my monome doesn't have it, so my app won't. maybe dean's? :O

    lastly - if you (or nice-icles) are having trouble with chuck, i'm happy to help if i can. i'm no expert but i run it a lot these days trying to make stuff.

  • 95 - Cheers man!

    That's super cool to hear about your progress, I hope you can get it finished and out there quick! Let me know when it's done, I'll be first in line to give it a go!

  • check it guys ;)

    done a good bit, but still plenty more to do.

    any recommendations then now is a good time.


    I have a first series 256 so no variable brightness :( although something similar can be simulated....

  • nice, dean!

    i'm still stuck on mine. though, if you're going to repeatedly google something, "dynamic multidimensional array" is pretty fun to type.

    @dean, did you have any ideas for simulating onion skinning?

  • Whoaaaa nice! I'm so glad this is happening, I reckon there's a whole lot of cool things that can be done with this sort of app...

  • @95 - i can see you will have a more technical version of mines. I had to google onion skinning for example! haha.

    RE: onion skinning - I cant think of anyway possible without having the later monomes, you could quickly bring down the brightness level of all leds before the next frame, although this would need a bit of gating between 'frames'. Im unsure of anyother way to do this unless you blink the led's at a certain rate, but things might look messy.

    I have version almost ready, just needing a bit tidied up.

    Ive used pattr to create a preset system which works as follows-

    When you open the app you will see the choice of ten frames and ten 'presets' although the presets will be used as 'pages' almost. This gives ten pages of ten frames. Although your animation can run any length in tens e.g 10/20/50-100 frames. And the 'pages' will cycle through at the frame rate divided by ten. Then you save all this as one preset.

    Even though i have a 256 i've focused it towards the 40h/64 for now.

    It wont take me long to modify it to suit all grids though.

    The app has great potential for the arc, so if anyone has an arc and uses max i can pass it on to add arc functionality (to adjust frame rate or change frame to edit.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Ill have a look at the shado video soon to see whats going on there.

  • @dean - re:my app being more technical, no way. my knowledge of onion skinning stems from my glory days animating flash intros.

    blinking sounds ugly. one simple (if imperfect) solution - a "copy previous frame" button. though with max, i'd imagine you'd also have all sorts of gui possibilities for copy-pasting loops of longer sequences. whoa.

  • The copy previous frame will be very easily implemented. I'll get that in there, makes sense to have for sure. I think I've misunderstood onion skinning to be honest :p. I'll try get this finished tonight. I'm unsure what else to add to the patch as I'm just going with what teku has asked for. One idea I had was to implement LiveOSC so that on launching a new track n ableton it can show the track name and whatever else is requested (tempo etc). Even just little animations for tracks. Any other recommendations?

    I will at some point add a 'text library' of some sort so that if you want a letter by frame you can select it via a drop down menu.