Impossible Box: Say What?

  • Makes your recent 256 purchase seem like a bargain:

  • For that much I would expect //**at least**// a full 88 keys on my keyboard!
    I love this bit:

    "there was a desire in the creation to not come out the other end with million ways to make bleepy sounds."

  • ...and our recent 256 purchase -is- a bargain.

  • Everything I've ever seen by the guys at folktek has been beautiful and hideously overpriced.

  • I wrote off folktek yeeears ago for the same reason. I also have the sneaking suspicion that all of their stuff is just circuit bent and rehoused pedals and such.

  • I'd love a luminaire's garden, but I've got a sneaky feeling that if I bought some guitar strings a contact mic and a biyang analogue delay pedal, housed it in an antique instrument box, i'd probably end up with much the same. Which due to their ultralimited runs, I can't imagine it being worth their while to do anything different.

  • the biyangs are actually digital, not analog pedals. check it out on google, or if you want a true analog BBD pedal to go with that weird string thing, track down an old pricey maxon, malekko, or ehx stompbox.

    that impossible box is really ugly. it combines the worst qualities of modulars with dirty cheap circuit bent casios. no visual appeal. it just looks cluttered, and not in an artistic or navigable way.

  • now if only it were ciat lonbarde instead

  • When I look at folktek's gear I get that same annoyed/disappointed feeling I get when I look at Damien Hirst's art.

    I guess it's the "if you say it's art, it's art" argument. Or perhaps it's the "if you attach a high enough price to it, it gives it value" argument.

    Both arguments suck.


  • the contact pads on the left do look neat tho'...

  • agreed.. the 256 is a bargain.

    this price tag is tomfoolery.