[sold] FS: monome mk128 $490

  • * sold! thanks. *

    the time has come to let my beloved first monome go. it's been in storage since a month or two after i bought it last year, when i decided i really wanted the white LEDs of the gs128 instead. it's been unused ever since then, so it just needs to go to a good home; someone who will use it to make some awesome music. for less than the cost of a new 64, you can take home a well-preserved 128!

    it looks as minty-fresh as the day i bought it from its builder [[http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=10412|right here on the forum]]. all official monome mk parts: keypads, circuit/logic boards.

    fully assembled inside a beautiful brazilian cherrywood enclosure. includes the original USB cable that came with it. it works perfectly; no issues. no dead LEDs or sensors.

    videos of it in action:


    pictures are attached; more are available on request.

    looking for $490, //including// all shipping, insurance, and paypal fees. located in san diego, CA, shipping to the lower 48 states only.

    references: i've traded with a couple of other folks here on the forums, and can supply my ebay ID if desired.

    interested? just whisper to me, or check my [[http://post.monome.org/account.php?u=5168|profile]] for my gmail address.

  • nice looking monome!

  • i remember this monome from when we were first building the mk's

    i love it.

  • had a few nibbles, but it's still available!

  • price drop. get a 128 for less than the cost of a 64!

  • sold! shipped on the 28th. thanks, folks!