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  • Okay, so there's a thread showing people's setups. I'd also love to see people's blogs/websites. I've just set one up, so I've still got a lot to do, but I'm looking for inspiration. Here's mine:

    At this point, I've just got some videos and a few links up. Looking for good ideas!

  • mine's not all too exciting. It was originally gonna be a task in design, but I got lazy real fast.

  • @ SnareHanger:

    That Battles video is great! I want an installation of those vertical light tubes in my living room...

  • I heart that Battles video. The making-of is pretty amazing.

    Well, here's my obligatory MySpace... there's a link there to my blog, which I don't update that often, but should.

  • wow... that zendrum zap is a trip!
    my site is empty right now, except for a hidden live set download and a link to my myspace...

  • am presenting to you
    Italian portal dedicated to experimental music, video art and performative art. When I get my kit 40h I'll make a detailed tutorial on the assembly and operation. I hope it is useful to all Italians monomers.

  • sparse.. just a record preorder page.

    there will be much more in due time.

    it's a good record, if any of you are interested =)

  • I guess my DIY monome project blog is the most appropriate one to post:


  • Band website (woefully behind the times in terms of news. releases etc) and myspace - more up to date but looks like a myspace :)

  • just a blog, and lots of links to other projects/nooks + crannies of the www that i hide in @:

  • @hypno & wingo

    you should really check out the guys who made the video, United Visual Artists, from the UK. A lot of amazing stuff.



    feel my blog.


    Some days I like it, others I'm pissed because I don't have the time to redo it.

  • i rebuilt and update every few days.

  • yea i was wondering when would be updated again lol



    blog is more just random thoughts and self therapy =(



    320 x 240 - 165K
  • hi,

    i've writen about music tech in thai.

    don't know someone here can read it.


    currently revamping the site, so it's extra minimal right now...



  • that nike oggo video was fucking awesome


    Random things I do, normally related to audio on computers.

  • for beats + pieces —— forthcoming %+galapagoose collaboration



  • Much less content than I planned to have -

    Guitar&Bass (with a friend) -

  • -

  • some of the hip hop stuff i do with a friend.
    it pays the rent.

    still building the personal one.

  • here is my blog project...
    i am doing a creative project a day for one year. i only have 10 days left to go.

    ...and the band that i have with my pal matt

  • Wow, mapmap. That's really amazing! takes some serious dedication to stay on your game daily like that.

    What effect has the experience had on you?

  • Hello!
    This is my two!

  • thanks egon.

    it's been huge for me. i was not feeling as productive or creative as i had in years past so i decided to create the Dust Breeding blog as a kind of creative catalyst for me.
    2009 has undoubtedly been the most challenging year of my life. over the course of the year i almost lost my wife due to a rare illness which then forced us to deliver our unborn daughter three months early. our little girl spent 11 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit before finally being able to come home with us near her original due date.
    all the while i continued my blog project... it really helped me stay sane despite all of the mental and emotional fatigue.
    through keeping my art blog going i've got to know some really amazing people from all over the world, i made about 30 custom made felt monome covers for members of this community, taken hundreds of photographs, completed hours of music + videos, learned a lot about myself...
    and on new years day, i got an email from a musician/label owner whose work i have the upmost respect for asking me to remix some of his recordings for a compilation to be released on his label.
    i was stunned.

    like i said, i have about 10 days left before i finish out my year... i think that after taking a week or so off from it i will start it up again. maybe not posting daily, but still making things regularly.
    i think it is the first new year's resolution that i have ever managed to keep.

    please take a look around the archives ( and feel free to post your comments on the posts. i really love to receive feedback of any kind.
    thanks again.


  • i post here nearly every day - was inspired by marcus' blog but i don't seem to have as much discipline!

  • Here's my site (any opinions gladly received):

  • main:
    max/monome code:
    max for live blog:


  • I recently uploaded mine to the simplest


  • max4live site:

    Two NEW sites coming shortly.



    From there you can see my graphic work or link to me Technology division.


    a blog for a garage/dubstep thingy ...

  • Hi all, wanted to share my band. It's progressive rock but we use fun stuff like keyboards and modular synths (I'd like to think tastefully) ;-)

    We just released our first LP titled "Our Own Ghost City"

    I used my monome to sequence one thing on the record, track #11 titled
    "Seventeen" I plan to integrate it more in the future.

    Anyway you can stream for free @


  • @mapmap - WOW! Amazing. Congratulations on the baby girl. I can't imagine the kind of stress that would entail as I also have a 11 month baby girl. I've come across your blog before but had no real idea of the concept. Will bookmark now. Inspires me to do something similar. All the best!

  • mapmap's blog and creations are amazing. I've had the fortune to follow his evolving blog all year, and to be the recepient of the first monome 64 case that he sold (cool). I follow a lot of the rest of you all as well.

    Here I am:

    I am only posting about once a month right now, but that is realistic for me. As times level out (and everything ebbs and tides for me) I know it will pick back up again.


  • i should add a few of these to my site:

    anyone cool with that?