my monome in your town!!!

  • what up dudes!
    hope you are all well..
    i am wicked excited to announce that im going on US tour!
    this summer!
    i will be accompanying aesop rock, rob sonic, dj big whiz and dark time sunshine..
    to promote aesop's new record...

    check it!

    hope to see some of you dudes out there!

  • ar eyou on board for the Toronto show in July?

  • whoa! nyc in august will be a good time.

  • Would be in ATL as well cept it's a Tuesday! Might have to huff it up there anyway!

  • yesssssssss, tempe in august for me, see you there ed.

  • Cant wait to see you in Atl. The Loft is a cool venue.

  • So excited your coming to GA definitely coming out to see you

  • Might have to make it there to meet the other ATL nomers if we dont get something together over the summer

  • cleveland? haha i wonder how many monomers and arcists dwell in ohio..

    I bet there are only 4 monomers in all of ohio hahah

  • union transfer? i'm there

  • your titel: NOT true.

    i dare you to cross the big ocean and play in the old countries!

  • You better believe I'll be there looks like a gold money show

  • I have my tickets for NYC! Looking forward to finally seeing you play live!

  • No ticket link, and you're not on the calendar:
    is 7/13 a private show?

  • Hey, if she can sell tickets, good on her.

  • @gtz
    yo man!
    yea im on the el rey show...
    try this:
    july 13th....
    peep it!

  • F yeah! I will be there at the San Diego date. I just saw Tycho last Thursday at this Venue and the sound/show was AMAZING.

    8/15 - San Diego, CA @ Belly Up

  • Raja- hahaha! You never quit.

  • bumpskis
    leaving in the morning!!!!
    hope to see you dudes out there...

    i love raja...

  • @gtz:

  • Awesome, wish 'my town' was in your country.....

  • @soundcyst,

    Awesome. Thanks!

    (I think I was going to mark my calendar to go back and check for tickets, but I totally didn't, and I'm sure I would have missed the show entirely.)

  • Dudes!
    In Chicago at the metro tonight!
    buttons unite!

  • Wow, in n Dakota now but was in Chicago 2 days ago.

  • dang shimoda!...
    well next time sir....

  • I saw tortoise and the eternals there, boomin show. Still hoping to see you in Atlanta August 8.

  • The Metro. Top 5 venue's I've ever played. Also the best sounding stage I've ever experienced.

    Wish I could've seen it man. I hope you tore it up.

  • man!
    that was freaking incredible...
    cant say how humbled i am by all of these shows...
    shit is crazy...
    definitely gotta say yo!!!! lets high five!!!!

    thanks man... hope to see ya soon yo!

    have to agree..
    the crowd was soooo dope too... real good shit... top top top notch sound....


  • I'm trying to get tickets to the ATL show. Have you found any Shimoda?

  • Are they sOld out? Haven't looked yet but that would suck!

  • The last Aesop Rock album is awesome.
    Hope you gonna make with this team an european tour (particulary in france).



  • and of course, there will be no show in kansas city. if only everyone knew how cool kc is!

  • Yo...
    Toronto tommorow!!!.
    them gridfest honkys should roll!!

  • i now have a show on the philly date :(

    break a leg, heart and plenty of necks

  • Union Transfer and 9:30 Club are great venues. That'll be a good weekend coming up.

  • Who you calling a honky

    Me and the missus will be at the show. What time are you on?

  • spurkitydoo

  • @alpha
    looks like 8:45

    @no sir
    dang man! next time yo...


    yea man.... stoked!!!!

    sorry hoss!

  • AWesome show!

    I was the one who screamed for free bird btw...

    Thank you!

  • Show in atlanta was awesome truly enjoyed the set and your sense of humor. Hope you get to come back sometime

  • i had the privilege of seeing the last show here in san diego. was absolutely beatfantastic. he opened the set with this impossibly jazz-hop number that needs to be on the soundtrack of every Ocean's 11 movie, ever. great vibe.

    from there, the beats got heavier and thicker, waves of dense bass that shook my chest and the backs of my denim jeans. we, the crowd, nodded in agreement with his 'tween-song anecdotes on public transportation and childhood toys that grew more unfairly awesome over the decades. which led into the track 'bare feet on lego bricks,' and our heads started full-on swingin'.

    a technically complicated number from his excellent "beats on the street" series followed at some point, and he closed out the night with a magnificent button/scratch duet with dj big wiz.

    this was an amazing night. videos only hint at this fella's 'nome-chopping awesomeness. if you get the opportunity, do not miss seeing the stingmaestro perform live in your town!

  • edison! awesome show in tempe, just spot on every song. my girl loved it and was asking me about your albums. seems like everyone there was really into it. picked up a sweet edison t-shirt so i can rep my homie. what an amazing tour!! i thought the mid-song banter was absolutely hilarious and really helped open everyone up to you and what you were doing--it really works for you! thanks for an awesome night.