Some Jackass is selling "Monome Setup Guides and Utilities" on eBay for $15

  • Lets all send him hate mail. Is there anything in the eBay bylaws that prohibits this kind of thing?

    Link (sorry, it's the mobile version)

  • The seller is a known scammer, selling fake monomes (which don't work), pills and such. Lots of threads about them already:

    That said, I discourage hate mail or the like.

  • isnt this the same dude that was selling monome stuff and trying to use deadmau5's name on the auctions and stuff awhile back?

    shit is wack, but hopefully anyone interested in the monome, would take the 5 minutes to google stuff about monome and find this wonderful and free community full of helpful ppl and realize that dude is a dingus

  • Yeah, naturesmed, same guy. A few of the previous threads go into this in detail. As you say, hopefully prospective buyers will do some research first and find threads such as this.

  • Currently running at 83.3% positive feedback, which is actually quite low compared to the vast majority of eBay sellers. Hopefully that will put some suspicion into potential customers. He sells hormone and testosterone supplements mainly, which is where he's getting positive feedback from.

    He just tried to sell a 256 for $2000+. Picture doesn't prove much but he claims to have bought it "last year around Christmas" which doesn't add up unless he meant he bought in January 2011, or he bought is used. However it's pictured with a power supply so if it is genuine it's older than he seems to be claiming. Thankfully, nobody bought it.

  • sometimes i notice my hormone levels waning when i am monoming......maybe he is a marketing genius? lol

  • also, atleast this seems to be happening less and less overall, when compared to 5-10+ (or s0) years ago when more ppl were trying to sell monomes w/ insane markup

  • wow what a fucking douchebag. there's nothing i can't stand more when people try to profit off of something they had no involvement in making in the first place. same goes for all the people who buy festival tickets just to put them right on ebay to sell for twice as much. hopefully this guy learns his lesson the hard way eventually.

  • @ringo wong I remember seeing a 40h on ebay with a $1100 bin and it actually sold.

  • Given that they're not selling monome clones I'm not convinced they'll get many takers for their current (non testosterone) offerings. If you buy a product and need help or assistance I think your likely first port of call would be the people who made it, or perhaps a user community. Fortunately monome has both, a company who care and a community which borders on the fanatical when it comes to helping each other :)

    In no way am I trying to justify their behavior.

  • it's naturesmed, so yeah he's a douchbag..

    but: what's wrong with selling video instructions about a product? In this case it's a bit absurd, but if there's a market for it? macpro is doing it very successfully... Wouldn't want to compare the quality.. But just saying, aren't you overreacting a bit because it's him?

    edit: correct me please if I'm dead wrong

  • @l00p

    I think the issue is that this person is a known scammer, having sold many fake monomes, many of which simply didn't work at all, in the listings for said items saying "get free support at http;//". To me this is wrong on the basis that the products advertised as monomes weren't and that they're selling duds and making it someone elses problem.

    Given the quality of their products (monome related, I've no interest in the others) to date I'm not convinced of the validity of this offering. As you say, it's a buyers market. And as i previously mentioned, I don't see them getting many (if any) takers for this guide.

    I'm not claiming to have experience of their video guide, for all I know it could be something someone else put on vimeo or youtube and is being resold along with a copy of the windows 7 setup software from the wiki page and the emulators. This is of course speculation.

  • I don't like the fact that he lists "Setup / Installation files " as part of this package he's selling, seeing as anything you need to get your 'nome up and running is free and I'm pretty sure he has no claim to having created, say, FTDI drivers or serialOSC. That's pretty low.

    Overall, he strikes me as quite a desperate individual. It's probably way more effort than it's worth for him to even be offering his "guide".

  • @dm483

    I seem to remember this issue being discussed when he was selling touch screen laptop/tablets as monome emulator devices.

  • @cropsie....damn 1100???? hope whoever bought it is extremely happy w/ it

  • eBay bylaws that prohibits

    to sell on paper or pdf i must send dvd

  • the only answer is put on ebay guide for 20 cent