apogee quartet // discuss

  • i woke up today to find that apogee had released something called a quartet. what are your thoughts on this new piece of hardware? i had an apogee duet 1 and was very happy with it. i've used the duet 2 once or thrice and i find it to be lovely.

    this seems like a pretty cool home studio control, no?


  • That looks rather nice. I don't usually feel drawn to Apogee stuff, preferring more dedicated controls rather than scrolling through menus, and having a bit of an aversion to the breakout cable. But this looks like it has a nice set of features, and doing away with the breakout is great. It's a nice form factor too.

  • the screen kinda reminds me of the op1 a little bit

  • also are the convertors/whatever apogee is doing really that awesome to match their price tags? ive never used any apogee but all i hear about is the convertors and such

  • i got a duet, 20 days before they released the Duet2, and now this... I definitely want.

    And the adc/dac plus the integration with Logic, makes it very worth the price.

    For me it was choosing Apogee vs. RME.

    and that picture further down the page is right! you can track drums decently: kick, snare, overheads. I've always just been spoiled through my schooling and work and usually am able to throw on 10 mics to track the whole kit. But if i want to freelance, this would be badass.

    I want this and a new macbook pro. and a new faceplate for my monome.