Arc LED dancing/tickle?

  • Has anyone else noticed that sometimes (I guess depending on arc rotation) that that you get some LED dancing on an arc? Like if I've got it mapped as a straight encoder/LED combo, when I'm at 100%, the last LED flickers on/off (without me touching the arc) in perpetuity (until I touch/move the Arc).

  • The Arc is so new to me I don't know what is normal behaviour or not! I have had issues with the LEDs freezing, I'm not sure if this means I need the firmware upgrade or not, or whether its a connection thing or something inherent in the app that is causing it.

  • What do you mean LEDs freezing?

  • I think it was with grainstorm, the LEDs on the Arc just froze and wouldn't move when I was adjusting the knobs... It could have been Electric Dharma Wheels. It was late, I can't remember properly what I was doing. I'll see if I can replicate it...

  • Hmm. I've not used grainstorm, but I've not experienced any freezing (unless it gets disconnected).

  • I'm pretty sure you would like grainstorm! I'd love to see a grainstorm type implementation in Party. I love playing with the granulation sections of WTPA but the streamlined ability to save settings of pitch and grain position in grainstorm and then easily record sequences within the individual rows is sweet!

  • given the arc produces/receives high bandwidth data in some situations, there's a good chance the OSC pipe gets clogged and loses packets. i've seen this in grainstorm, and is an issue with implementation. if you're trying for fast/complex animation, the best approach is to preassemble entire frame messages similar to how cassiel's shado works.

    the dancing LED is more confusing. is this replicable on all encoders?

  • I've mainly seen it on encoder 0, but I think that may do more with the fact that that encoder is normally set to 'max' in software, whereas the bottom one is not.

    It also happens more on startup. I don't think it's ever happened in the middle of usage, only when I first visit a page (and very rarely at that).

    Next time it happens I'll take a vid.

  • Thanks for the reply Brian. the bandwidth explanation makes sense. Rodrigo & I were wondering, which Arc's needed the firmware update? He has 229 & I have 228 serials Arc 2's.

  • the first 15 or so i think. all the rest shipped with the new firmware...

  • Thanks teeny!
    edit: Can anyone enlighten me on the serial number range for the Arcs, I //was// thinking they must have been assigned sequentially amongst the 2's and 4's as they were made because the serials I see (for the 2's) in docs/users span over the 100 - but then the serials for the 4's go from 199 to 625 and that totally confuses me...
    It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of anything, I am just curious in a geeky, //owner of something **very special** wanting to place his arc in some sort of historical perspective of production// type way... (if that makes any sense)