ro tours america! let's set up some shows

  • hello'ers!

    i am driving across this country in a 2 weeks with two european friends, hopefully in a 1992 toyota previa if all plans work out.

    this coincides with a new album release (tentatively named Funk & Geology), which should be available sometime before the trip.

    we are driving from LA to NYC through several cities listed below! i would love to set up a monome meetup/show/house party/get together (or really whatever you want to call it), in any major or minor city i can.

    i am prepared to play monome for however long you need, on rollerblades with arcs taped to my forehead. it would be awesome to assemble a line-up of performers for every city, especially the major ones. the dates below are pretty tentative and i would be happy to negotiate plus or minus a few days. and please, if your city is on the way (northern route through US), please let me know if you wanna make something happen!

    please post here if you're interested in setting up a show at or around the date and location below. if you have any questions, please post them here or email me at .

    much love

    10/3 LOS ANGELES, CA : ?
    10/5 SAN FRANCISCO, CA : ?
    10/6 OAKLAND, CA : (possibly a friend's house)
    10/7 ARCATA, CA: (possibly a friend's house)
    10/8 PORTLAND, OR : ?
    10/10 SEATTLE, WA : ?
    10/13 BOZEMAN, MT : ?
    10/16 MILWAUKEE, WI: ?
    10/17 CHICAGO, IL : ?
    10/18 DETROIT, MI : ?
    10/19 COLUMBUS, OH : ?
    10/20 PITTSBURGH, PA: ?
    10/21 PHILADELPHIA, PA: ?
    10/22 NEW YORK, NY: ?

  • "America needs to hear Ro!"

    Agreed. If you were coming to atl we would get you the setup in a heartbeat.

  • Santa Fe...

  • thanks for the advice raja. much appreciated.

    as for the southern half of the US.. i may be rolling through later in early december. will keep you posted.

    keep it fresh ppl! i'd like to meet/hear some new buttons. no stages necessary: just some speakers and sturdy ground.

    bestest of bests

  • damn!!!!
    I'm outta town that weekend!!! shitballs!!!
    would love to rock a ro show...
    tell me when you're up next time honky!
    can't wait to bump the new record!!!

  • Heyyy, I'd love to see some monome action in this town! As Raja said, I'm busy out of my mind, and right around October 15th is our due date for a major installation piece at work. SO, I'd love to have something here, but there's no way I can commit to bottom-lining a serious show.

    If I had *my* way, however, I'd love to have an informal meetup with a few music heads in Chicago (say, 10-15 people) and you could bump your set and maybe have a little showcase about the monome, or maybe have a workshop where people come and trade tips and tricks. Chicago is pretty into on hands-on workshops, in my experience.

    As an aside, Chicago seems, to my perception, to (massive oversimplification here) break down into 3 electronic music event categories:
    1) Massive party, facemelt, club type (or niche burningman rave) shit. People go for a certain genre of music and dance their rolling asses off.
    2) small bar scene. most patrons are there to drink, a small handful are there to actually check the music.
    3) workshop scenario. everyone is there to learn and to interact, with a high degree of interest and excitement. 30% attendees are serious heads and make money making music (usually dj/producers). 60% are casuals and folks who are generally interested. 10% is random element.

    so, of course, I'm talking about my personal experience here in Chicago. It's a city of 3 million people just in the metropolitan area, so my circle includes about 1% of that. There are plenty of other experiences to encounter in Chicago.

    SO, all this is to say that I'd love to hold some sort of informal hangout and push buttons with blinky-lights kinda thing. We've got a few community spaces that would host. If you're looking for more of a show type thing, I can find some folks who might want to work with you on that

  • email me at j.araujo aaatttt iedlabs daut net

  • it's a little bit on the short-notice side, but i'll see what i can do for philly.

    if @jessemiller is reading this, hopefully he'll be able to help out too.

  • Hey ro..

    I can get you a show in Ann Arbor, MI (40 mins outside detroit)...

    good button music scene here, have a guy "fthrsn" ( that could set up either a house show or coffee shop, lineup would tag along some local button pushers inc. myself..

    I've a bed for one here too, could ask around if youre with others..

    so yeah if interested hit me up at plusbuttons @

  • [Off Topic, no disrespect ro]

    If anyone is curious about what someone's soundcloud page looks like when you pay one of those companies to generate "listens" and "downloads", check out fthrsn's page.

  • ro man!

    re: portland, we can get something (prolly fairly casual) going at CV, but i'm making you stick to that rollerblading on your forehead business....

    just let me know when your dates get solid.