new daedelus music video

  • daer monomers,

    over the past 3 months ive been tinkering in a dimly-lit robot lab, making robots paint light drawings for our very own daedelus!

    the video, titled "platforming," was released today. aside from the boombox introduction, the video is basically around 6000 still frames of long-exposure photography with 2 6-axis robots. old techniques with new technology.


  • !!!

    amazing. excellent work to the both you!

  • damn dudes!!!.....
    super fresh!!!

  • yes, very fresh. wonderful!

  • got dayum!

    so boss

  • I know what your saying Raja. I haven't paid much attention since Bespoke but this has pricked my ears again

  • mad fresh yo!

    was a real treat to get to see this crazy thing in the flesh. maybe there will be a video involving stacked plastic dinosaurs for a ro tune sometime soon?!?

  • That is so cool! Great video Ro! Great song as well. What a great thing to be able to play with. Robot arm light painting.