Remix Debussy's 'La Mer'

  • Hey,
    i've been involved in this interesting remix contest, called 'DUBussy', here is the link :

  • damn, i'm afraid i can't answer to any of your questions... Can ask, though...
    Anyway, 'la Mer' is one of the first piece i've sampled when i started electronic music, so it's a real honor to be part of this project.
    Regarding the musical comparisons, i agree that it doesn't make any sense...people do this all the time.

    '1. Why is the orchestra called “The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment”?'

  • shit, i was expecting stems, and then i remembered no one records orchestras like that.

  • @raja I was just going to quietly assume that, since they let you download it really easily and don't specify anything specific about rights, you can use it however you want forever. Maybe that's not a good assumption to make?

  • Great initiative Chapelier! I've recently been working with Debussy's Images (for piano) ... Looking forward to take on La Mer as I believe this is one of his most beautiful orchestral pieces ;)


  • Even worse, they are in the UK. Not even in Europe !

  • @Raja:
    The UK is part of the EU but kept their own currency when the Euro was adopted elsewhere.

    The UK comprises of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland/Eire is not part of it and can't be said to belong to the Queen. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have each, to varying extents, some independence from the centralized government in England but, for now, are to all intent purposes ruled by the same UK government.

    It's a mess to get your head around.

  • ok... ok.... this is good. i think i understand....(shit... now i feel really stupid, because i probably should've also known that there was a difference between 'Northern Ireland' and 'The Republic of Ireland'... but to my defense! I stopped paying attention to Europe(and the UK) around 1994 when Newt Gingrich started his attack on the National Endowment for the Arts, thus paving the way to less and less support in general for the arts in America, leaving me feeling my morale raped everytime i heard anything of the miraculous artistic paradise that exists over there(only now, with the recession in America AND Europe, can i feel mutual enough about our global shame to raise my chin up and look to see what's going on around me :p))

    now i have one remaining question:
    what does the UK use that 'queen' person for? :D

    (and why's she so clingy? learn to let go! come ta think of it, what's taking scotland and...(what was it? oh ya) Northern Ireland so long ta break completely free?!
    i mean, Gandhi didn't even have to raise a hand, somehow he still bitch-smacked that lizard-ho back to her cold, dark, damp corner of the earth. >:D
    how hard can it be? :p #LongLiveTheIRA!)